5 Expert tips to cope with work burnout and lead a healthy life

Work burnout is a very common issue people are facing currently due to prolonged work from home. But we have to cope with it to lead a healthy and happy life. So, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS MD Psychiatrist also Founder and Director at The Happy Tree, talks about how to cope with work burnout.
Coping With Work Burnout 5 Expert tips to cope with work burnout and lead a healthy life
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Corporate life can be demanding and that is why people working in such a sector, face mental pressure more than in any other field. And now global pandemic has made this scenario worse. Because these people are working from home now making themselves available for 24/7 for the companies. But we all thought working from home can be easy and relaxing, but it has been just the opposite. There have been remarkable cases of declining mental health and people are facing work burnout in the pandemic. So, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS MD Psychiatrist also Founder and Director at The Happy Tree talks about burnout due to work from home and how to cope with it.

You are working a lot

You wake up in the morning thinking about work and that is what you keep doing till you finally sleep again. Well, this is a problem and you should be concerned about it before it results in a bigger issue for your health.

Solution: To fix this, you can plan certain things in your day that are not related to your work. For example, set a time for your food and eat it without any work.

You are not able to have some ‘me’ time

When we are working in an office, there is a punching-out time when we get up from the desk and leave the office and work behind. After leaving the office, it is us and our personal lives that we look forward to. However, in this work-from-home situation, there is no moving out of the office zone and you are working throughout the day. There must be many meetings and updates on work from time to time too. But that is exactly how your office can stay in touch with you for the entire day leaving no personal time for you.

Solution: In this case, you can set an alarm for yourself and cut off from work when the time is up.

You do not like your work anymore

This is the most common one. When someone starts feeling pressured with work, they stop liking what they do and that is exactly what is happening with you. You are feeling pressured and frustrated.

Solution: Start rewarding yourself with something you like after completing each task. For example, have a pizza after you have done a specific work.

You feel less connected with the world

Are you confused about whom to blame for this situation- office, work or global pandemic? Well, whatever is to be blamed, we know you are suffering. People found it difficult to catch up with their friends even when they were going to the office, now it has become absolutely zero.

Solution: Make full use of social media and technology, do video calls to talk to your friends and family and stay connected.

You do not have time to eat or sleep properly

Well, eating and sleeping are as important as your work. If you are neglecting these two essential activities, your body might stop cooperating with you when you have urgent work to do. So always remember, health comes first.

Solution: Eat your meals away from your work desk and fully concentrate while eating. For sleeping, set a time and put all the gadgets away before an hour of that time.

Work burnouts happen to all the people every time. So, it is important to understand them and find a solution to control them at the right time. Just do not be hard on yourself and try to balance your work and personal life as much as you can, rest everything will be okay with time.

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