5 Face exercises to get the chiselled jawline you always wanted

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5 Face exercises to get the chiselled jawline you always wanted

In a world influenced by looks, it is not surprising to want to look your best. We usually put a lot of effort to maintain our bodies by exercising and eating healthy foods. One area we often forget to focus on is the jawline. Your facial muscles also need work to get a defined jawline unless you’re born with the perfect chiselled jawline. 

Just like any other body part, there are specific exercises to get a chiselled jawline. If you too struggle with toning the stubborn jawline or struggle with maintaining one, we have listed some exercises that might help you achieve the perfect jawline you always wanted. These exercises not only sharpen the jawline but give you relief from neck pain, headaches and jaw pain. 

Without further ado, here are 5 exercises to get the perfect jawline. 

1- Neck curl up

Lie down with your tongue pressed on the roof of the mouth. Now, bring the chin to your chest and lift your head off the ground about 2 inches. Make sure you don’t lift your stomach or poke your chin out. Do three sets of ten repetitions. 

2- Vowel sounds 

To do this exercise, say ‘O’ followed by ‘E’ to allow the movements to target the muscles around the mouth on the sides of the lips. Don’t forget to exaggerate the sounds. Do this for three sets of 15 repetitions. 

3- Collar bone backup 

Keep your head level with the floor and bring it back a few inches to allow the throat muscles to contract and relax. You can start with three sets of ten reps, and gradually build up to more. 

4- Tongue twister 

Place your tongue on the roof on your mouth and add tension. Now, begin humming and vibrating sounds to activate your facial muscles. Do three reps of 15. 

5- Chin lift 

This exercise will help reduce extra facial fat and get you that chiselled jawline. Start with your mouth closed, push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip. It will put some stretch in the jawline and under the chin. Hold the position for 10 seconds and relax. Do three sets of 15 reps. 

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