5 Foods to consume before and after taking COVID 19 vaccine

Updated on May 12, 2021 03:34 PM IST  |  437.7K
5 Foods to consume before and after taking COVID 19 vaccine

The Indian Government has started the largest Vaccination drive to minimise the chances of getting infected by the surge of the Covid 19 virus. But have you ever thought about your diet before and after taking the vaccine? It's equally important for us to have a strict eye on our diet before and after taking the vaccine to prevent any side effects on a larger scale. So, Ryan Fernando, celebrity and sports nutritionist, talks about 5 important foods to consume before and after taking the Covid 19 vaccine, that would minimise the chances of any adverse effects.


It contains a yellow-shaded compound called curcumin, which is regularly used to prepare food items and beauty care products. Turmeric is usually utilised for conditions like torment and aggravation. It's a kind of go-to anti-stress food as it shields one's brain from stress and is very much essential before vaccination. One can consume it with milk or mix with different recipes.


Garlic is incredible for boosting immunity and feeding great gut microscopic organisms. These are wealthy in probiotics which feed the probiotics (great microscopic organisms) in your gut.


They may help your body fend off ongoing sicknesses like hypertension, coronary illness, and infections of the lungs. As they help to reduce stress, one should consume it before taking the vaccine to reduce stress.

Green Vegetables

Vegetables assume a significant part in food and healthful security. Especially, green vegetables are considered to be an excellent hotspot for nutrients, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Mineral supplements like iron and calcium are high in green vegetables. Vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli are high in cancer prevention agents, which battle irritation that would somehow cause negative results.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits contain significant nutrients, minerals, and plant synthetic compounds. They additionally contain fiber. It's one of the essential food items that boosts one's body before taking a vaccine.

The 5 important foods that one must consume post-vaccination are listed below:


Loaded with cell reinforcements and Phyto flavonoids, these berries are additionally high in potassium and Vitamin C. They help in expanding serotonin levels. It's a much-needed food that should be included post-vaccination.

Chicken/Vegetables Broth Soup

Our gut assumes an incredibly urgent part in keeping up our wellbeing. To support your immunity, it's essential to take care of your gut. You can have this soup mixed with brilliant veggies. It's a much-needed food that should be included post-vaccination.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is stacked with supplements that can surely influence your well-being. Produced using the seed of the cacao tree, it is probably the best wellspring of cancer prevention agents in the world. Studies show that dull chocolate (not the sweet poo) can improve your well-being and lower the danger of coronary illness and is a must when it comes to post-vaccination.

Virgin Olive Oil

It has been appeared to shield the body from diabetes and neurological diseases. Oleic corrosive, the most noticeable unsaturated fat in olive oil, has been found to lessen fiery markers like C-responsive protein and is a must when it comes to post-vaccination.


An examination by Nutrition Research tracked down that devouring steamed broccoli consistently brings down the danger of cardiovascular sickness by diminishing the aggregate sum of cholesterol in the body. Another investigation in the US likewise tracked down that expanding vegetables in the eating regimen, particularly cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, could lessen the danger of coronary illness. It could be consumed cooked with food or steamed.

Things to avoid:


taking vaccine empty stomach


caffeinated drinks

Things to do:

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.

You can check with your doctor and then take some paracetamol to help ease any of these sensations.

If your symptoms are more severe, or last longer than a week, tell the health worker who gave you the vaccine or visit the nearest hospital.

Note: Last but not the least, there is no hard and fast rule as to the kind of foods that might suit all. So under such circumstances, one must get in touch with a doctor or a nutritionist to get an in-depth idea about the kind of food that might suit that particular individual pre and post-vaccination.

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