5 Foods to eat regularly to improve your IQ level and make you smarter

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5 Foods to eat regularly to improve your IQ level

Intelligence quotient or IQ is the way to measure someone’s intellectual intelligence and potential. There are various ways and techniques to boost your IQ level like doing exercises for the brain or intellectual training. However, the food you eat also impacts your intelligence quotient and improves it.

Eating nutritious food is not only crucial for your body but your brains too. It is food for the soul and mind. Healthy foods create a mind that is active for a longer period of time and dieticians suggest various foods that are improving your IQ level. Here are 5 foods you must eat daily to increase your IQ level.


Salmon is the superfood for your brain. Consider it one of the richest foods that is crucial for the development of the brain and fuel for your brain. It is packed with rich omega-3 fatty acids that is beneficial for your overall health. 


These are loaded with multiple nutrients that are essential for a healthy and active brain. They boost your mood swings, behaviour, relax your blood vessels and improve your cognitive skills. They are made up of complex carbs that are essential for the brain. 

Green leafy vegetables

Spinach, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables contribute a lot to boost the IQ level. They are the powerhouse for all nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the development of the brain. They have high levels of iron to help restore energy and improve red blood cells function.


Blueberries are great for brain development and for storing memory. They are known to improve balance and the ability to learn faster. All berries have the potential to be the smart food that can improve the IQ level. 


Nuts are a powerhouse for nutrients and vitamins. Especially, almonds and walnuts are great for storing memory, making your brains work faster, improving your concentration levels and more.

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