5 Foods to eat when you are suffering from migraine

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5 Foods to eat when you are suffering from migraine

We all experience occasional headaches from time to time but when the pain is debilitating and doesn’t go away for a long time, chances are it’s a migraine. Migraines often last longer than a headache alongside other symptoms like nausea or light sensitivity. This is due to the inflammatory changes in the nerve cells that lead to severe pain. Some people might even experience tingling sensations in different parts of the body. Other people might show symptoms of irritability, depression and food cravings. 

Migraine is a neurological condition, which can begin in childhood or may not even occur until early adulthood. According to a report by the Migraine Research Foundation, women are more likely to have a migraine than men. Family history also plays an important role in the risk factors for having migraines. Symptoms of which begin 1-2 days before the headache itself. 

Studies have suggested that dietary factors, stress and hormones play an important role in the onset of the problem. So, paying attention to your diet can help you defend yourself against migraine. You should incorporate the following foods into your diet if you’re suffering from a migraine. 

1. Salmon and mackerel 

Fatty fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids which can lessen the occurrence of migraine headaches. So, next time shop for fatty fish at the grocery store if you get a migraine frequently. 

2. Nuts 

Nuts are high in magnesium, copper, selenium and zinc that all support those suffering from a migraine. Cashews, almond and pumpkin seeds are some of the best options to include in your diet. 

3. Spinach 

Green leafy vegetables provide the body with some major benefits. For example, spinach is an amazing source of folic acid, magnesium and vitamin B content, all of which are properties that help fight migraine. 

4. Oatmeal 

A drop in blood sugar levels can trigger migraine attacks. Eating oatmeal will keep your blood sugar in check, which is important for people suffering from a migraine.

5. Water 

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to tackle any health problem. 8-10 glasses of water a day will definitely keep the migraine away. Adhere to this and you will see an improvement in your migraine attacks. 

NOTE: These foods may or may not work for you depending factors like an underlying disease, allergy, etc. Consult a doctor before inculcating any of the foods in your diet. 

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