5 FOOL PROOF home remedies to reduce a headache and calm those nerves

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5 FOOL PROOF home remedies to reduce a headache and calm those nerves

Today’s hectic life is enough to give any person a headache. With the increasing work stress, traffic, late nights, stress and whatnot, it is very common for a headache to occur. Some people experience headaches on a daily basis.

Headaches can be pretty irritating and can limit your ability to function and have a normal routine. While there are medications for headaches, more often than not mild headaches can be treated at home with some simple remedies. Here are 5 such home remedies to treat a headache.


Often, not getting enough sleep is a common cause of headaches. Get adequate sleep of 7-9 hours daily for getting rid of your headache.


Your headache can be because of stress and tension. If this is the case, then try massaging your forehead and your temples for a few minutes to relax your nerves.

Cold or hot compress

For migraine, it is recommended to put a cold compress on the forehead to ease the pain. While for a tension headache, it is suggested to use a heating pad on the affected area.


Essential oils can be soothing and can help calm the nerves. Try aromatherapy with oils like peppermint or lavender to cure your headache.


Having a beverage which contains caffeine like tea or coffee, can improve your mood significantly and can alleviate the headache.

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