5 Health benefits of practicing navel oil therapy regularly

Updated on Jul 25, 2021 06:28 PM IST  |  189.5K
Navel oil therapy health benefits

Navel oil therapy is a Ayurvedic practice and regular usage of it keep us healthy overall from within. But apart from health benefits, navel oil therapy has also some kinds of beauty benefits that will give you healthy skin and hair. It is the practice of massaging different types of essential oils in the belly button to ward off all kinds of ailments from our body. So, here are 5 benefits of practicing the navel oil therapy.

Improves digestion

Doing belly button massage with mustard oil can relieve your irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, indigestion, upset stomach, etc. It also helps release gastric and bile juice from our liver to improve digestion and reduces nausea and gut pain.

Calms your mind

Stimulating the belly button with circular motion can calms your mind, provides relaxation, balances your emotions, enhances concentration. You can massage your belly button with lavender oil to calm your mind.

Good for skin

For having a healthy and glowing skin, you can massage your belly button every day with olive oil. It will reduce any kind of inflammation, remove all free radicals, cure skin infections and moisturise the skin from the core.

Hair growth

For voluminous and healthy hair, massage coconut oil or olive oil or jojoba oil on your belly button regularly. It is connected to 72,000 veins in our body that helps the body absorb all essential minerals of different types of oils.

Improves reproductive health

To improve your reproductive health, massage your belly button regularly with neem oil or rosehip oil or coconut oil. It increases sperm count, relieves period cramps, enhances fertility and prevent reproductive disorder.

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