5 popular nutrition myths that are completely false and cause WEIGHT GAIN

From ‘don’t eat at night’ to ‘go vegan’ - here are all the nutritional myths that cause weight gain instead of losing it. Check it out
5 popular nutrition myths that are completely false and cause WEIGHT GAIN5 popular nutrition myths that are completely false and cause WEIGHT GAIN
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Everyone is either trying to lose weight or stay fit, which is why we have a lot of diet fads that keep coming and going. Each one you meet follows a different diet and workout regime and we all tend to pick a thing or two from them. From ‘carbs are bad for health’ to eating low-calorie foods, we’ve heard a lot of weight loss tips and tricks that we now religiously follow. But, did you know that they were all false? Here are 5 popular nutrition myths that are completely false. 

MYTH: Carbs should be avoided for weight loss

Carbohydrates are necessary for the body to create energy. Carbohydrate-rich foods are all filled with essential vitamins, nutrients and dietary fibre that help you remain charged-up if you are someone who works out.so if you cut out carbs all together it may only make you crave for them more. If you are really watching your weight, cut out all the processed carbs which are really bad for the body and opt for healthier options. 

MYTH: Diet drinks help you watch calories

If you are watching your weight and opting for calorie-free diet drinks then you are just another person trapped in the vicious cycle. Artificial sweeteners trick the tongue while confusing the body because the drink is not actually backed by calories. This makes you crave it more as the artificial sweeteners tend to trigger the cravings wanting you to satisfy it with more food. 

MYTH: Eating after 8 pm make you gain weight

Eating after a specific time frame does not mean you will turn fat because what you eat counts more than when you actually eat it. Midnight or late-night snacks usually tend to be calorie-dense with dishes like ice cream, chips or even pizza for that matter. Calories are calories no matter when you eat them, so if you are someone with a busy schedule and tend to eat late, don’t worry! Make sure you eat right and avoid calorie-dense foods. 

MYTH: Cut out all the fattening foods

Well, we all know that cravings take over on a diet which makes everything all the more difficult. How many times have you dreamt of a cheezy pizza on a diet or craved for crispy french fries? Well, you are not alone. As much as you hate junk food or try to avoid it, the mind finds its ways to cheat and crave for such foods. So if you want to make your diet last and not stop midway, it is necessary to have cheat meals every once in a while to keep your mind happy aswell. 

MYTH: Protein shakes are a great way to lose weight

Protein shakes alone cannot help you lose weight. Why you may ask? Well, protein shakes only help you lose weight if you swap it with a meal. A lot of people drink protein shakes with their usual amount of daily food intake. This does not let you lose weight but in fact gain it, which is why many people who body-build use this trick to pack on some pounds. 

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