5 Signs of Covid19 infection pregnant women must look out for

Dr Aarthi Bharat, consultant and obstetrics and gynaecology at Motherhood Hospitals shares with us a few signs that pregnant women must look out for related to the Covid19 infection.
pregnant woman 5 Signs of Covid19 infection pregnant women should be aware of
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While we were still grappling with the pandemic and trying to lead our lives accordingly, we have been hit with the second wave. Therefore, we need to realise that Covid is not going away anytime soon and unfortunately, the second wave has been impacting children and pregnant women quite severely. There are so many new variants and different types of fungus infections that the situation is quite volatile. COVID is impacting everyone in a different manner and it is impacting pregnant women equally. In this situation, pregnant women should be on alert and precautious.

Why pregnant women are inclined to pulmonary or lung-related diseases?

Reports have shown that about 80 per cent of pregnant women experience shortness of breath.  This is a very normal reaction of the body with all the changes that one is going through. In early pregnancy, your body starts to undergo changes, including increased needs for oxygen and nutrients as well as hormonal changes. Among these we also see the increase in the volume of blood that the heart will have to pump, thus causing slight breathlessness. Shortness of breath might also be seen in the last part of pregnancy when your uterus squeezes your abdominal organs and pushes them up, hence causing pressure on your diaphragm and decreasing the inflation space of your lungs in the rib cage. Along with this, being pregnant in general can cause anxiety and further increase lung irregularities.

COVID impacting pregnant women

Now that we have seen that pregnant women already suffer from pulmonary or respiratory problems during their pregnancy it might be easier to understand why pregnant women might be in more danger. Even if a pregnant woman does not have asthma the breathlessness during pregnancy impacts the lungs and Covid as we know it impacts the lungs directly. It does impact other parts as well but mainly the lungs are affected.

5 signs to catch Covid early:

They need to know how to detect early signs of Covid if they have contracted it, so as to not have a serious condition and end up getting hospitalized.

1. Be aware of having a bad cough or having body aches as that could be a sign of the virus infesting in the body.

2. Watch out for chills running through the body and maybe a sore throat.

3. They might not have the usual symptoms like fever or shortness of breath and also might face abdominal pain.

4. Some patients might present themselves in labour for their planned delivery and it is not until after delivery that they start showing symptoms of fever. However, the way it presents itself is causing confusion and delay in testing, because doctors might feel that this fever is caused by postpartum reasons. So, if you get a fever after delivery then stay away from people and get tested as soon as possible.

5. It is seen that most Covid patients who are pregnant are asymptomatic with a light fever. So, women should watch out for a light fever and take precautions if they feel suspect that they have covid.


If you see any of these signs in your body or if you notice that your baby’s movement has reduced, get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. Try and stay calm if you happen to have Covid as stress can impact the baby. Doctors recommend tracking at least 5 kicks an hour so that you know that the baby is there and is active. Last but definitely not least, get vaccinated as soon as possible because it will help you to avoid a severe case of covid and will keep you safe.

About the author: Dr Aarthi Bharat, consultant and obstetrics and gynaecology at Motherhood Hospitals.

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