5 SIMPLE tips to get rid of dry skin

Dry skin is mostly caused by certain environmental factors that rip your skin off moisture. Have a look at some easy and effective ways to reduce dryness and restore moisture.
5 SIMPLE tips to get rid of dry skin
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Dry skin is also known as xerosis is quite a common condition with several causes. Your Dry Skin can be a symptom that indicates a more serious diagnosis. Though in most cases, dry skin is often caused by certain environmental factors that take away the moisture from your skin such as hot showers, climates changes, harsh soaps and chemically used skincare products that can all trigger your skin’s moisture.


Here are some effortless and hassle-free tips, using home remedies to address the dryness symptoms and restore the moisture of your skin again.

Apply Moisturiser Immediately After Shower


Our skin automatically tends to remain and become dry after washing or taking a bath. The longer you take a shower, the chances of your skin becoming dryer exceed. To avoid such conditions, immediately after pat dry apply the moisturiser on your skin considering the right moisturiser according to your skin type, the moisturiser can fill up our opened skin pores and works on moisturising our skin deeply.


Stop Using Products Containing Chemicals


Products that include chemicals such as alcohol-based products, Alpha-hydroxy acid used in de-tan, fragrance based for deodorant, perfumes and soaps and retinoids, can seriously harm your skin texture, rather than bettering the moisture it can leave it dry and deteriorate its condition. So use chemical-free products and avoid chemical-based body care products as much as you can.


Use Natural Ointments


Instead of using lotions, try to apply natural creams and ointment that works and helps in moisturising your skin deeply without affecting it for further deterioration. Some of the ingredients of an ointment that are highly effective and nourish your skin are jojoba oil, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Lactic acid, Lanolin, Mineral oil, Petroleum, Shea butter.

Avoid Allergens and Irritants Clothes


An unusual occurrence of dry skin might be connected to the clothes you’re wearing or what you’ve exposed your skin towards. Even sitting by the fireplace, spending time in chlorinated or chemically-treated water or even wearing wool clothing can all irritate your skin and make it feel dry.


Invest in a Humidifier


Keep a humidifier at your home to minimize the dryness caused by home heating and other preferred systems. Gas and electric heat takes away the moisture from the air and sitting in front of an open flame or another heat source can dry your skin. Whereas, a humidifier set to 60 percent is enough to offset this effect. Stay warm without heating up your house through a fireplace or other heat source.


About the author: Karan Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Qraa Men


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