5 SIMPLE tricks to calm yourself down when anxiety strikes all of a sudden

There are many ways to soothe your nerves and stop feeling anxious. Control the sudden bout of anxiety by following these simple tricks to calm your mind and to avoid feeling helpless when anxiety strikes.
5 SIMPLE tricks to calm yourself down when anxiety strikes all of a sudden
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Anxiety can strike anywhere, anytime. You feel stuck, unsure and nervous all at the same time. The worst part is that it happens for no reason. Sure, there are people who have had some past experiences that triggered anxiety. But for others, it can happen without any particular reason and when it happens, they don’t know how to deal with it.


You feel helpless and out of control when you start feeling anxious all of a sudden. There are some tricks and simple mental exercises to tackle such a situation and to instantly calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. Here are 5 tips to control anxiety and to calm yourself down.

Reason your thoughts

While feeling anxious, if you feel worthless or start imagining worst-case scenarios in your head, then try and question everything. Convince yourself and reason it out with yourself that the worst possible thing will not happen unless you allow it to. 


Play your favourite song, think about your crush, start cleaning the room, just do anything to distract yourself and to focus your energy and thoughts on something else.

Accept it

Tell yourself that ‘this too shall pass’. Accept the fact that you are feeling anxious right now and stop trying to desperately suppress the emotions. Doing so will actually help reduce anxiety and will help you to figure out what works for you.


Whether it’s your best friend or your parents, overcome the fear of judgement and express how you are feeling and tell them what you are experiencing. 

Welcome positive thoughts

While your brain is busy imagining worst-case scenarios, try to bring in positive thoughts. Start thinking about how lucky you are to have a home, a family, a job or think about anything that you know will make you happy.

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