5 Tips for maintaining your health and energy during the Navratri fast

Here are some suggestions for staying healthy and energetic throughout the Navratri fast.

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Navratri Fasting tips

Hindus celebrate Navratri as a time to honour Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations. Everyone fasts during these nine days, which are said to be exceedingly auspicious, in an effort to honour Goddess Durga with their dedication and religiosity. While some keep the fasts in place for the full nine days, others keep them in jodas. Fasting is not only thought to be lucky during Navratri; it is also a great technique to cleanse your body because it helps your body get rid of environmental contaminants. Fasting may also cause you to feel weary or sluggish due to the nutritional changes, though.

Here we bring you a few tips on maintaining your health and energy during the Navratri fast.

1. Keep a track of fasting and eating window

A person must choose and follow a specific window of time each day for total fasting. For instance, you can follow a similar dietary pattern to intermittent fasting and keep a 14–16 hour fasting window each day while eating during the other hours. And once you've started eating, try to avoid going more than 2.5 hours between meals, regardless of how big or tiny they are.


Proper sleep

2. Take proper sleep

The body is going through a cleansing throughout the fasting season; thus, it requires a great deal of resting. Therefore, be careful to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day. To effectively cleanse your system, try to unwind and engage in some mindful activities. To get enough sleep, longer stretches of sleep are preferable to a few quick naps.


Stay hydrated

3. Stay hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the fast. To make up for the nutrients dropped during the fasting, sip on juices, nimbu pani and coconut water. Drink green tea instead of tea and coffee, which can eventually dehydrate your body because of its many health advantages. This will ensure that the fasting phase is properly metabolized.


Have fruits

4. Have plenty of fruits 

We typically consume more snacks when we are fasting. But try to limit your snacking to mainly healthier alternatives, like fruits. Consume a lot of fruits because they are a great source of fiber, nutrients, and minerals as well as natural sugars that will keep you going all day. Additionally, they satisfy cravings.

5. Avoid oily food

Maintain a healthy diet in moderation and try to stay away from fried foods like pakoras and papads. You may get bloated as a result. Additionally, the more you eat and put pressure on your stomach, the less likely it is that you will benefit from fasting, which should enable you to lose additional weight and not in any other way.

Make use of the advice above to help you fast this year.

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