5 Tips to improve your posture while working from home

Do not let those back and neck pains hamper your efficiency. Ensure your posture is correct and your laptop is below eye-level while working from home this pandemic.
5 Tips to improve your posture while working from home 5 Tips to improve your posture while working from home
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COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives and altered our lifestyle. Suddenly all we hear about is Zoom sessions, lockdown, work from home and quarantine. 

While all of us are new to this work from home setup, we need to have a designated and a comfortable workspace so that we can work for long hours without experiencing any aches and pains.


Now is the best time to invest in the right kind of furniture to ensure maximum productivity throughout the day. Whether it’s a study table, an office chair or a foldable laptop table. Give yourself the most comfortable working environment so that working from home doesn’t take a toll on your mental and physical health.



Here are some tips to improve your posture:


Invest in a chair with an adjustable armrest 


Ideally, the angle of your elbow to your wrist should be 90 degrees to your body. Having an adjustable armrest will help you to sit in a comfortable position without straining your arms. 


Use books to adjust the height of your laptop’s screen


The top of your screen should be just below your eye level so that you don’t have to bend or stretch your neck to see the screen. You can keep some books under your laptop to achieve the correct height.


Change positions often


Keep getting up, keep moving and keep changing your position. Do not sit in the same posture for the entire day otherwise, it might lead to stiffness and neck pain.



Invest in an ergonomic chair


An ergonomic chair that has an adjustable armrest, a lever to adjust the height and provides proper lumbar support to increase your work efficiency. 


Use a hands-free device while talking 


There’s nothing worse for your neck than holding your phone from the shoulder while typing. Use earphones to take work calls or put the phone on speaker while receiving a call to avoid neck pain.

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