5 Tips to stay motivated while studying from home

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5 Tips to stay motivated while studying from home

Since the pandemic has begun, going back to school seems far fetched. Schools have adopted online studying modules and students have taken up online classes in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic.

Studying at home can be challenging as you are faced with multiple distractions. You find other tasks overwhelming and most of your day goes occupied with house chores or sleeping, watching tv and eating. In the midst of all these distractions, you end up losing the motivation and start procrastinating for days. Here are 5 tips to find motivation while studying from home.

Create a routine

The first step is to create a strict routine and stick to it. Do not lose focus and make sure you follow the routine until it becomes habitual. Make a timetable and designate a specific time slot to study during the day.

Take a power nap only when needed

Afternoon naps can be quite tempting and easy to give in. Fight the urge to sleep during the day and utilise those hours to study. Take power naps in between only when needed, this will energize you and refresh your mind to come back and study for a longer duration. 

Create a designated study zone

By doing this, you will channel out all the distractions at home. Create a specific zone in your house where your focus is at prime. You can keep distractions at bay and make productive use of your time. 

Communicate with your classmates

Keep in touch with your classmates, follow up on any homework that you missed out on. You will be motivated through them and by taking note of anything you missed out on.

Avoid multitasking

While studying, make sure you perform only one task at a time and focus on your studying rather than taking multiple tasks at home. Avoid multitasking and make sure you divide your work accordingly in specific time slots.

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