5 Ways to avoid water retention this season

These 5 strategies will help you avoid water retention this season.

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Water retention
5 Ways to avoid water retention this season

Feeling bloated, especially during the summers, is a common issue. Water retention usually takes place when there is an excess amount of water in our body than how much is required. Our body consists of almost 55% to 60% water. However, sometimes excessive water can lead to swelling of different body parts such as legs, hands, eyes, etc. Generally, during pregnancy or menstruation, most women go through water retention, affirms Nutritionist Nicky Sagar. Apart from that, excessive salt, a less active lifestyle, consuming alcohol, or a poor diet can be the causes of water retention in your body.

But getting rid of water retention is not an impossible task. Let's look at the easy 5 ways to avoid water retention during summers.

1. No more salty foods

When your body experiences an increased sodium level, your body tends to hold more water. Since salt has the ability to absorb water, they store the excess water in your body parts, and that's when you feel bloated. So, reducing your salt intake from foods like fries, chips, and other snacks is a good option if you want to avoid water retention.

2.  Drink a lot of water

A dehydrated body also leads to water retention. If your body is deprived of water, some body parts swell up as they store water. So, the easy and best possible way to keep water retention at bay is to drink tons of water. Usually, 2-3 liters is sufficient for an adult. Also, drinking water helps in flushing out the toxins and extra salt from your body.

3.  Stay active

Our sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of water retention. When we move our bodies or stay active, the water level in our bodies is maintained. So, indulge in some physical activities. Also, a little bit of stretching in between work is quite helpful. Moreover, taking the staircase instead of the elevator or walking for a few minutes aids in preventing water retention.

4.  Potassium to maintain the water level

Potatoes, bananas, lentils, spinach, oranges, and dry fruits are great sources of potassium. If your body's potassium and sodium levels are not in the right proportion, the body tends to retain water. Hence including these potassium-enriched foods in your diet will be fruitful in avoiding water retention.

5.  Improve your diet

A poor and imbalanced diet often causes water retention. Hence it is important to include the essential ingredients in your daily diet to avoid the situation. Cut down on processed foods as much as possible as they contain a lot of sugar and salt. Try eating foods with fiber like carrots, beets, avocado, and apples; all are rich in fiber. All these foods release the excess salt through urination, thus keeping your body bloated-free.

This summer, don’t be afraid of water retention. Follow these simple steps and say bye to bloating.

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