5 Ways to get your sleep cycle back on track

Here are a few ways that will help you get a good night's sleep without having to put too much efforts. Read on to find out.

Updated on Sep 16, 2021 01:01 AM IST  |  150K
Ways to get your sleep cycle back on track
Here a few ways to help you fall asleep easily at night

A slight change in schedule or a stressful day at work, and you are left changing sides in your bed all night. Add to it, your phone beeps and you can’t resist yourself from opening that new notification. This is one of the most common problems that most of us, especially the youth, are suffering from today.

While there can be many underlying reasons for lack of sleep, the most common is stress. Stress not only affects your eating and sleep habits, but also takes a toll on your day-to-day activities.

Here are five ways that will help keep the stress away and let you have a good night’s sleep. However, if you are already suffering from an illness or are stressed for a long period, it is advisable that you consult your doctor at the earliest.

Limit your screen time

Many doctors suggest that one should stop using any devices at least half an hour before sleeping. This will relax your brain and allow it time to unwind. This way you can easily fall asleep without having to worry about how early you have to wake up the next morning.

Prepare a schedule

There’s a reason why we follow a schedule at work or at school. Our body works in a certain way and we have to understand that. A proper schedule not only improves our concentration levels, but also productivity. Hence, it is important that you fix a time for sleep. Most of us have a habit of staying awake till midnight, or even more, and fall asleep whenever we can. Avoid this at all costs, and try to sleep at a fixed time.

Avoid daytime naps

That sweet one-hour sleep during the day is hard to let go off. However, if you are struggling with sleep during the night, it is advisable that you avoid sleeping during the day, or reduce the sleeping time, at least. Don’t do this, if you feel tired through the day or are unable to focus on your work and consult a doctor.

Reading helps

If books are your best friend, or even if they are not, try to read before you sleep. Books that speak of positivity and motivation will make for a great bedtime read. This will give you optimism, will make you happy and relieve unnecessary stress.


It is surprising how exercise is the answer to many of our problems today. Can’t focus on work? Exercise. Struggling with health issues? You know the answer. Exercise coupled with the necessary requirements can improve your health and well-being. As for people struggling with lack of sleep, it is advisable that they take to doing light exercises. This will help reduce the stress and in return will let your sleep cycle get back on track.

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