5 Yoga poses or asanas for toned thighs and hips

Want to strengthen and tone the thighs and hips? Then make sure to take out some time and follow these yoga postures.
Health & Fitness,yoga for hips,yoga for thighs,yoga for hips and thighs5 Yoga poses or asanas for toned thighs and hips

If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle or have a desk job then chances are high that your back can get hurt because of nonstop sitting, erroneous postures and habits. These factors also lead to more fat deposits. Sitting around too much can even lead to dead butt syndrome and one can even experience pain, stiffness and muscle pulls among others. But instead of worrying about it, one can tone their hips and thighs with the help of yoga. 

Yes, hip and thigh toning yoga asanas can help you to get rid of pain and reduce the chances of injuries as well.  The asanas will also not only improve blood circulation, strengthen hips and joints and energy flow but also reduce the fat around the pelvic area, thus helping you to get back in shape. So read on to know which yoga postures can help to reduce fats in thighs and hips and help them tone up. 

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1. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

With the help of this asana, you can tone up knees, thighs, ankles and calves. It helps to stretch the spine, hips as well as chest muscles. Basically, it works on lower body, backs, arms and shoulder. In this posture, one has to imitate sitting on a chair and gluteus muscles, quadriceps and the calf muscles are engaged. Also, make sure to keep your back straight, arms stretched out. Your entire back, shoulders, as well as the abdomen, get engaged. Avoid the same if you have chronic knee pain or issue, arthritis, sprained your ankle. Follow this video to know more. 

2.  Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

This pose will help to open up the hips and stretches the hip flexors. Also, the fat from the thigh area reduces. Shoulders and back are also stretched thus improving the flexibility of the spine and improves posture. Please refrain from doing asana if you have back injury or neck injury, high or low blood pressure. Follow the video tutorial to know more. 

3  Tadasana (The Mountain Pose)

The Mountain Pose or Tadasana yoga asana is suitable for almost everyone. This asana not only strengthens but also tones the lower body. The weight is equally distributed amongst all the muscles and knees, thighs, calves and ankles among others and they are engaged as well. So, tone your buttocks, abdomen and reduces flat feet with the help of Tadasana. Follow this video to know more.


4. Badhakonasana (Butterfly Pose)

It helps to stretch the inner thighs, groins and knees and improves the flexibility in the groin and hip region. The pose is also known as Cobbler Pose as it resembles the position of a cobbler at work. If you are suffering from groin or knee health issue, then keep a blanket under the thighs for support. Follow the video tutorial to know the steps. 

5. Janu Shirasasana (One-Legged Forward Bend)

With the help of the asana, one can stretch and strengthen the lower back, spine and legs. Your thigh and hip joints will become more flexible and blood circulation in this area will be better as well. Follow this video tutorial for step by step guide. 


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