6 Heart healthy ways for women to improve their heart health

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6 Heart healthy ways for women to improve their heart health

World Heart Day is observed on September 29 every year to raise awareness about cardiovascular health. Heart diseases affect people of all age groups, which is why there is a dire need to spread awareness about this medical condition. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, which accounts for an estimated 17.9 million people every year. Heart diseases is often thought to be more of a problem for men, but it is common in women as well. 

According to MayoClinic, chest pain, pressure or discomfort are some of the main symptoms of a heart attack. Some of the common heart conditions that might affect you include coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure. However, you can still alleviate the chances of developing heart diseases by making certain lifestyle habits. 

Here’s what you can do to improve your heart health and improve your cardiovascular diseases. 

Get some physical exercise 


Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman, it's important to get at least five hours of exercise a week to keep yourself fit. Sitting for too long or constantly standing in one position can take a toll on your health. If you don’t have the time, you should do at least 15 minutes of stretching exercises. 

Eat a healthy diet 


You must have heard it a thousand times, eating a healthy diet is good to maintain overall health and keep health diseases at bay. Try to incorporate foods rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep your blood pressure in check and reduce the risk of diabetes. 

Keep your weight in check 


Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of developing heart diseases. It is important to maintain a healthy weight if you wish to stay healthy for a long time. 

Limit the intake of unhealthy fats 


One of the most things to keep in mind while including a healthy diet in your daily regimen is to limit the intake of saturated and trans-fat. It will help to keep your cholesterol levels in check and lower your risk of developing heart disease. 

Choose low-fat protein sources 


According to the American Heart Association, adding a low-fat protein source in your diet can help keep your heart health in check. Lean meats, legumes, soybeans, soy products, cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel are some of the good sources of low-fat protein. 

Reduce sodium in your diet 


High intake of sodium can lead to an increase in your blood pressure, and contribute to the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Reducing sodium in your diet is important to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay. 

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