6 Powerful mudra techniques for healthy and glowing skin suggested by yoga expert Grandmaster Akshar

Check out 6 powerful mudra techniques to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 06:40 PM IST  |  774.5K
6 Powerful mudra techniques for healthy and glowing skin suggested by yoga expert grandmaster Akshar
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Mudra is a Sanskrit word that means gesture, and in Yoga, mudras influence the energetic circuits within the network of Nadis (nerve channels) known as ‘Nadi Sthiti’. These are channels that are known to be present in our bodies and are linked together to enhance Pranic flow. 

Apart from these mudras, Yoga asanas such as Halasana, Shirshasana, Karnapeedasana, and Sarvangasana can also make your skin radiant. These inversions are responsible for can clear the pores of the sinus, and release tension.

There are studies in yoga that explain how the nerves in our hands interact with each other impacting the nervous system. These circuits channel the prana in a precise way to create slight effects in different parts of the body system. Follow the instructions to practice the mudras below to effectively manage your skin problems and get glowing skin.


Apana Mudra


 Apana Vayu mudra looks like a combination of Shunya mudra and Apana mudra. This mudra includes movement of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

To perform this mudra, you need to join the tip of the thumb with the tip of the middle finger and ring finger. After that touch the tip of the index finger at the baseline of the thumb.

Prana Mudra


It is done with the help of both hands.

Tips of the ring plus little finger have to be joined by the tip of the thumb.

All other fingers must be extended straight.

Vyan Mudra/Kuber Mudra


Now fold your middle and index finger, press both fingers with the tip of the thumb.

The rest of the two fingers (ring and small) folding into the palms.

In addition, it should be done with both hands simultaneously.

Agni Mudra


In this, you must fold your ring finger and press the second finger against the base of your thumb.

Keep the other fingers straight.

Practice this mudra on early morning only, and on an empty stomach.

Do this every day for 15 minutes.


Hakini mudra

Hakini mudra is also called the mudra for the mind. Ideally, it should be performed during sunrise.

It can be practised in any stable seated posture such as sukhasana (easy pose) or padmasana (lotus pose), in which the spine can remain upright.

To practice this gesture, first bring the palms to face one another a few inches apart. Join the fingertips and thumbs of both hands together, allowing them to maintain light contact.

The hands can then be raised to the level of the third-eye chakra, in the centre of the forehead.

Siddha Mudra

Position your left palm in front of your navel centre.

Place the back of your right palm on top of your left.

Gently touch the tips of the thumbs.

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