6 Smart ways to give medicines to your baby and help swallow it seamlessly

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6 Smart ways to give medicines to your baby and help swallow it seamlessly

One of the toughest jobs for parents is to give their kids medicines. No matter, how much you put effort for it, they will spit it out and manage to dodge the situation. But if they have something serious issues, then the medicines have to go down. And medicines are obviously not tasty which your children will love to have.

Parents often try to trick their little ones with a spoon of sugar to feed the medicines. But after certain attempts, they will understand they are being tricked. So, instead of this, they need to use some smart strategies to help the medicine go down.

Read on to know the smart ways to give medicines to your baby.

1.Children can easily catch the negative tone and body language. So, don’t get serious with the medicines and prescriptions, your kids will get scared. Make this fun by naming it as medicine time. Make happy faces while giving the medicine to your kid.

2.Some medicine companies may make kid’s medicines with certain flavours to hide the actual taste. So, this can help your kids to have the medicine without any struggle. Ask your doctor to prescribe such medicines.

3.Let your kids have the medicine on a cup by himself. Let him decide when he will take it; after or before bath time. This gives them a sense of empowerment and they will have it without giving you any struggle.

4.If the above ideas don’t work, then give a small ice cube to your kid to suck on it. This will make his taste buds numb and he can take the medicine easily.

5.Like any other medicines, eye drops are also quite tough to give your children. In this case, hold the bottle on your hand for a while to warm it and then use it. Often cold drops don’t feel good.

6.Never lie to your kids about the taste of the medicines. Make them understand why it’s necessary for them to take. Never refer the medicines as candies.

If it becomes really hard to give the medicines, then talk to your doctor about it.

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