EXCLUSIVE: 6 Things about postpartum that will SURPRISE every new mother explains Dr Ruth Fernandez

Dr Ruth Fernandez, Consultant, Clinical Psychiatrist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune is here to explain everything you will have to deal with in postpartum. Find out more
Things about postpartum that will SURPRISE you explains Dr Ruth Fernandez
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When you get pregnant, ta-da, there will be a lot of information given to you. You will get to know about the pregnancy fitness, diet, sleep, heartburn, at each and every trimester. Yes, your pregnancy journey will be interesting and challenging as well!  Are you aware that your postpartum recovery also tends to involve a lot of difficulties, and no one speaks about it? This thing will be the last thing that often comes to one’s mind. Read on to know about postpartum in the below article, and do not forget to follow these tips… 

Congratulations, you have successfully delivered your first child, after those exciting 9  months. Even after delivery, there are many problems that new moms will encounter.  Postpartum back pain, allergies, contractions, hair loss, menstruation, various changes occurring in the breast, incontinence, and trying to adjust to the baby’s schedule are some issues that will rob your peace of mind. These things can affect you physically and emotionally as well. But, now you don’t have to worry as we make the phase after delivery easy for you to understand and act accordingly. Learn about these surprising things that occur after postpartum, and you will surely be able to get back on track with ease. 

Uterine contractions: 

Yes, these contractions are indeed, and to top it all,  they won’t immediately stop after the birth of your baby. That’s right! Some contractions will be mild but some will surely give you a tough time. This can happen while breastfeeding the newborn for the first few days. But, you must be aware that these contractions will not be there for a longer time and they are a sign that your body is recovering very well. So, just have some patience. Other problems like constipation will make pooping a task. So,  stay hydrated to avoid constipation. 

Muscle pain: 

Yes, vaginal delivery will lead to sore muscles. That straining and pushing will exhaust you. Likewise, you will also require to lunge or squat during labour. Hence, you will feel sore for a few days. 

Haemorrhoids and pain down there: 

You shouldn’t be shocked if you feel different down there. There will be swelling, bruise, and pain as well. These things are commonly seen after vaginal birth. Haemorrhoids can also make your life miserable. But, every problem has a solution. You will have to consult your expert who will offer you a proper line of treatment. Moreover,  those stitches will also be painful. So, be in touch with your doctor and inform him/her about the changes occurring in the body, post-delivery. 

Bleeding that occurs after delivery:

Once you deliver your baby then you will have to be well-prepared about that postpartum bleeding. Before delivering your baby, you will make sure that you have stocked-up pads and panties. Do not fear as the hospital will also provide you with all the essentials when you bleed. 

Changes in your breasts: 

Did you know? You will have milk during delivery known as colostrums. Once your breast tends to produce mature milk then there will be tenderness of the breasts. Not only this, but you will also feel engorgement of the breasts. Your breasts will also leak. Hence, you will have to properly look for the changes and use nursing pads to avoid those leaks that could embarrass you. Moreover, if you experience nipple pain the consult your lactation expert. Your pain will vanish once the baby is latched on. 

A new life with baby: 

You may experience an emotional roller-coaster for a  few days. One moment you may be happy and later sad. You will feel overwhelmed, anxious, and even stressed, and this hormonal change will be there for some time. You will also feel exhausted as you are doing the duties of a mother You will be constantly worried about the baby. Hence, getting sound sleep at night and rest is very important for a mother.

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