6 Warning signs you are doing an excessive workout

Workout or exercise is the key to weight loss and an active body. But excessive fitness training can have adverse effects on you. These signs are proof.
6 Warning signs you are doing an excessive workout 6 Warning signs you are doing an excessive workout
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If you want to stay healthy, fit and active, then there is no easier way than exercising regularly. And workout is important for weight loss as well. But you might be surprised to know that excessive workout is also not good for your health.

When you exercise beyond the limit, then you may notice certain signs in your body as a response to the excessive workout. If you see those signs in you, then you may need to reduce the intensity of your exercise.

Obvious signs you are exercising too much:


Even after having proper sleep for 7 to 9 hours, you still feel exhausted throughout the day. You may also find it hard to fall asleep and to have a sound sleep at night. It means you are doing excessive exercising.


If you see muscle strains, pulls, inflammation and stress fractures are happening frequently, then it is a sign of your over-exercising. So, to reduce this issue, include some dynamic stretching and flexibility training to your workout regime.


Exercising is a type of good stress. But putting your body under constant stress can weaken its immune system. As a result, you may find yourself frequently falling sick.

Moody or lethargic

Excessive exercising also has its negative impacts on the mental health. It will make you moody and lethargic for the entire day. If you are feeling grumpy throughout the day, it is mostly because of your excessive workout.  


Post-workout, you need to have calories to compensate for the energy which you have invested in your fitness training. But when you do an excessive workout, it will require more calories due to which you will end up overeating.

Lack of motivation

Due to your excessive workout, you feel demotivated and don’t want to continue your training. Exercise should make you feel fresh, active, energised and happy. But if you are feeling the opposite of it, then you may be having adverse effects.

Note: It is always recommended to consult your doctor if you face any serious issue due to your workout regime.

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