6 Ways to maintain your fitness once you retire

Here are 6 ways to maintain your fitness once you retire.

Updated on Jan 22, 2022 03:00 AM IST  |  349.1K
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6 Ways to maintain your fitness once you retire
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After retirement, you now finally have the time for yourself which was spent previously on the job. It's a good idea to use it to get the recommended amount of physical activity to lower your health risks and stay fit. You want to keep your body in good shape so that you can enjoy your retirement years. From here, your new stage of life has begun and you want to do something meaningful in order to stay happier and healthier.

Here, we suggest 6 ways to maintain your fitness once you retire.

healthy diet

1. Eat healthy food

Eating well supports mental and physical health. As we age, we need a healthy and a balanced diet to stabilize our energy levels and boost our immune system. A healthy diet for older adults focuses on whole, minimally-processed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, protein and dairy. It's important to make healthy food choices a habit.

exercise running

2. Indulge in regular exercise routine

You are never too old to exercise. Age accelerates the loss of muscle and bone mass. Pick something you enjoy, so you’ll keep doing it. Aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, or dancing, can give you more energy and help keep your mind sharp, too. Yoga exercises can also help you become flexible.

3. Stimulate your brain

Memory and other cognitive changes can be frustrating while you age. But there are ways to keep your brain active. Read, do puzzles, pursue a new hobby or learn a new skill. If you love tending a garden, turn it into a mobility- friendly workout.

socialize with friends

4. Socialize

Book clubs, writing clubs, game clubs, dances, and other social gatherings are excellent ways to meet new people. It not only allows you to meet new people and fill your retirement with new experiences, but it also helps you improve the quality of your life.

5. Reduce alcohol intake

Consuming alcohol as we age is common, but may come with new risks. It can lead to increased risk of falls, cancer, liver diseases and even early mortality. While moderation is acceptable, heavy consumption should not be a criterion.

pet owner

6. Pets help you keep fit

A pet, particularly a dog will be helpful in keeping you fit and healthy during retirement. You will step out of the house to take your pet for walks which eventually will help keep you active. Pets also provide social support and security which becomes an important factor during this age.

One must always prioritize its health. Staying active after retirement can be difficult, however, if you are prepared for it, the transition can be quite smooth and can possibly lead to a healthy life. 

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