6 ways to start your mornings feeling energised

Do you feel exhausted in the morning? If so, read on to know some tips and ways to start your day on the right foot.
6 ways to start your mornings feeling energised
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Do you feel exhausted after waking up in the morning? Are you someone who needs coffee to get you through the day? Feeling well-rested and energized when you wake up might seem difficult, especially if you have a habit of staying up late. Most of the time, it has something to do with your morning routine. If you wish to wake up feeling naturally happy, then you might want to change your routine. 

We understand that mornings can be hard and you might feel like lingering in the sheet a bit longer, but starting your day on the right foot might help in the long run. When days are filled with the news of the pandemic, starting the day feeling energized can feel even more intimidating. But keeping yourself fit and healthy is the best defence against all health problems. 

With that said, here are 6 ways to start your mornings feeling energized. 

1- The first step is going to bed early. Our body’s circadian rhythm – body's internal clock – responds to the sun’s rising and setting. So, go to bed early to wake up early and supercharged. The best time to sleep is between 10 PM to 6 AM. 

2- A great way to keep your body charged and hydrated is by drinking water in the morning. If coffee is the first thing you drink in the morning, try to quit and replace with water. Drink one glass of water during the first hour of waking – it will make you feel energized. 

3- Get some exercise to feel energised. If you feel too lazy to do any strenuous exercise, do some stretching to get the body moving. Try doing it outdoors for some sun exposure. It will support your circadian rhythm and boost respiratory function. 

4- Don’t skip breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you stay energized the whole day. Try including foods that are rich in protein and fibre, and avoid unsaturated fat and potassium as it can make you sleepy. 

5- Try not to eat sugary foods until lunch as it can raise blood sugar levels and leave you drained very soon. 

6- Some studies suggest that listening to music can help you stay energised the whole day. When you listen to your favourite songs, your brain releases significant amounts of dopamine (feel-good hormone).

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