6 Wholesome snacks you can stock up during the lockdown for healthy snacking

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nuts and seeds
Healthy snacks to stock up during the lockdown

Many people have begun to work from home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Work from home gives you the freedom and easy access to junk food at home, as well as the desire to crave unhealthy snacks in order to escape the boredom of isolation. However, in order to stay healthy and boost your overall health and wellbeing, it is very important that you adhere to healthy eating habits and select from a variety of nutritious snack options available at home during the quarantine period.

Here are a few options you can think of while looking for healthy alternatives for snacking as suggested by dietician Vidhi Chawla.

Nuts and seeds


Nuts and seeds each have their own set of superpowers. Dry fruits can be used as any other type of snack and are also beneficial to metabolism and appetite control. Walnuts, for example, have the highest levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3s and polyphenol antioxidants, making them an excellent choice for your gut health. A healthy gut is linked to a strong immune system. Furthermore, these foods add variety to meals. Crush them and use them as a coating for fish or chicken or garnish canned soup. Blend nut butter into smoothies, drizzle them over pancakes, or combine them with savoury seasonings such as cumin or chilli powder to make a marinade, dressing, or dip for vegetables.


It is a superfood with a lot of fibre, so it's great as a breakfast option for health-conscious people. It keeps you fuller for longer, preventing you from indulging in unhealthy snacking, especially between meals. It's made to help you feel more energised. Oats are a great way to start the day because of their healthy properties. From masala oats to porridge, oats can be used to make a variety of quick and easy snacks.

Fox nuts 

Swap your unhealthy bhujia sev for this lightweight and healthy makhana. They are heart-healthy because they are low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats. Carbohydrates, protein, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, fibre, zinc, and potassium are all found in them. It will keep you fuller for longer and prevent unhealthy snacking because it is low in calories and high in fibre.

Kale chips


When you're about to reach for a bag of potato chips because you're hungry, remind yourself that kale is the go-to option for a healthy lifestyle. Kale is a good choice for cardiovascular health because it contains no cholesterol or Trans fats. A serving of kale chips with a teaspoon of oil (preferably olive oil) adds about 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, which is significantly less than the same amount of potato chips. If you don't like kale, don't worry; other vegetable chips like jackfruit, beetroot, and carrot can be used as substitutes. Before purchasing kale chips, it is always a good idea to carefully review the nutritional table and the sodium content.


Eggs are delicious at any time of the day and versatile as well. If you get a sudden hunger pang, grab an egg and make something interesting with it. A simple boiled egg or a scrambled egg with vegetables are both good options. Eggs can be easily stored and incorporated into any meal or snack. Eggs are a good source of protein as well as vitamins and minerals, which will help you stay healthy during the pandemic.

Peanut and jaggery chikki

This snack is both kid-friendly and nutrient-dense. Chikki is high in anti-oxidants and essential amino acids because it contains peanuts and jaggery. So, give the kids some Peanut Chikki because it's good for them and better than any other candy on the market. Peanut Chikki is one of those healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a great way to fill your stomach.

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