7 Ayurvedic products to help boost immunity and maintain healthy hair and skin

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 12:55 PM IST  |  94.5K
7 Ayurvedic products to help boost immunity and maintain healthy hair and skin
7 Ayurvedic products to help boost immunity and maintain healthy hair and skin

The “new normal” has created a bond between skincare and self-care. Brands are taking note of Ayurveda’s growing popularity in the mainstream, and bottling formulas that bring its benefits to your beauty and health shelf. Here are a few products that will make it easier for you to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine. 

Kapiva Aloe Vera + Garcinia Juice

This aloe garcinia juices has enzymes that are responsible for boosting metabolism. A glass of this juice every morning will aid digestion and nourish you inside out. It acts as an excellent detoxifier, aloe vera garcinia juice has properties that help to flush out the toxins from your body and effectively manage your weight. It also promotes the growth of good bacteria in your intestine which would give you good gut health.This juice blocks the accumulation of unnecessary fat and unwanted deposits present in the body and improves blood circulation. 


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Kapiva Hair Care Juice 

This juice provides nutrients to your hair and addresses the root causes of your hair issues. It is enriched with effective Ayurvedic herbs for haircare - Amla, Bhringraj, Noni, and Ashwagandha. All these herbs provide essential nutrients to your hair and enhance your hair’s health. Ashwagandha has natural mood boosting properties that can minimise your hair loss by keeping your anxiety and stress at bay, amla is known to strengthen the hair follicle and reduce hair thinning. It may also purify the blood and prevent premature greying of hair. Bhringraj improves blood circulation to the scalp and roots and facilitates hair growth.


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Kapiva Tangy Masala Supergrain Oats 

Masala supergrains are amalgamation of zesty Indian Masala flavours and wholesome Ayurvedic nutrition. These oats  are infused with 3 ayurvedic herbs - amla, tulsi and turmeric in homestyle masala. All these herbs work together to help you strengthen your immunity, improve gut heat and boost memory and focus. The added benefits of 4 supergrains adds much needed wholesomeness to your breakfast.


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Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix 

This mix gives you the benefits of fiber-rich multigrains and Ayurvedic herbs in a quick 3-minute meal. It gives you the benefit of a protein-rich, high-fibre meal from the blend of 4 super grains- oats, moong, amaranth, and ragi. It also boosts your metabolism. 


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Kapiva Vitamin C + Amla Gummies 

Combined with ripe amlas, these are a natural solution for gut health – all in a convenient gummy form! By breaking down the bile in the gut, these gummies lower the bad cholesterol in the body.  Regular consumption of probiotic gummies boosts your immunity and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. These gummies balance out the friendly bacteria in your digestive system. 


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Kapiva Dia Free Juice  

This juice helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism which keeps the blood sugar levels in check. It also supports weight management by boosting your metabolism. This juice has Karela which has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help in treating skin problems, removing toxins from the blood. This juice also has jamun and giloy that helps fight allergies and helps boost your immunity. 


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Kapiva Thar Aloe Vera Juice 

This juice is sourced from the best quality Aloe Vera from Rajasthan. It can help you get luscious hair and smooth skin. It helps in weight management as it is easily digestible and burns even the stubborn fats. It supports detoxification, and helps to flush out toxins from the body.  It promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines and has a laxative effect that prevents constipation. 




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