7 Must have fitness accessories for the ideal at-home workout routine

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 11:49 AM IST  |  288K
7 Must have fitness accessories for the ideal at-home workout routine
7 Must have fitness accessories for the ideal at-home workout routine

The year-long pandemic and several lockdowns have resulted in many businesses closing down, including gyms which have been indefinitely shut for quite some time. Even though many states are gradually easing restrictions, people are still apprehensive when it comes to using public facilities like gyms - sharing a closed space, machines and tools still seems pretty unsafe. This is why most gym-lovers and fitness freaks have shifted their workout routines to their homes. 

A good at-home workout regime is not difficult to create. However, regardless of whether you practise high-intensity exercises or basic ones, there are certain accessories to help you reach your maximum potential and desired levels of fitness. These fitness accessories not only motivate you to push yourself each day, they also ensure safety while performing them and increase the efficiency of each exercise. Here is a quick rundown on 7 must-haves for the best at-home workout routine -

1. Sounce Adjustable Xiaomi Mi Band

Regardless of whether your routine is high-intensity or basic, you must keep a track of your performance and vitals. This Bluetooth tracker can help you do that without any hassle – simply pair it with the corresponding app in your mobile phone and wear it regularly. It is even waterproof, so don’t hesitate to sweat it out wearing this!


₹ 334.00 – Buy Now.


2. Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Sleeve

Knee sleeves add a valuable element of compression that increases blood flow and reduces pain, not only during but also after performing heavy exercises. This knee support is made of stretchable neoprene material that helps retain body heat and stimulate blood flow, and the kneecap opening allows proper flexion. 


₹ 238.00 - 662.00 – Buy Now.


3. Nivia wrist Support

This band is made of durable and stretchable fabric that provides additional support to the bones of your wrist. It ensures that your wrist maintains the correct alignment, mitigating wrist pain, discomfort and injury while performing all target exercises.


₹ 135.00 – Buy Now.


4. Strauss Adjustable Ankle Compression Brace

This ankle brace made of high-elastic and moisture-wicking neoprene material helps prevent any form of ligament injury during exercise. It keeps your foot dry and comfortable while the criss crossing straps provide stability and restrict unnecessary movement of the ankle.


₹ 520.00 – Buy Now.


5. Strauss Anti-burst Gym Ball + Foot Pump

This aesthetic and durable medicine ball is made using premium quality PVC which makes it burst resistant and suitable for all types of muscle exercises. It is designed to help you improve your core strength and muscle coordination, and is also suitable for high-intensity training!


₹ 644.00 - 780.00 – Buy Now.


6. Physiostore PVC Mini Gym Ball

This durable ball made of premium grade PVC is a great accessory to enhance the traditional pilates and yoga routines. It can also be used as a fitness cushion to relive tension in the back and neck. 


₹ 349.00 – Buy Now.


7. Drench’D Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt

This is the perfect tool to boost your workout regime 10 fold! Made with lightweight neoprene material, this waist trainer conforms to the curves of your body and helps to increase body heat during exercise, thus aiding slimming by the sauna effect and removal of water weight. 


₹ 189.00 – Buy Now.


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