7 Things to keep in mind to remain body positive and radiate happiness

An expert life coach, Samira Gupta, gives exclusive tips on how to remain body positive and exude happiness. Read more to find out useful tips and reminders to channel body positivity in a world full of judgements and online trolling.
7 Things to keep in mind to remain body positive and radiate happiness
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There’s grit in the minds of people in order to look good and alluring in the eyes of other people. Indeed, even the media depiction of them has kept on pressurizing them. This has prompted disappointment and an apparent feeling of strain to be a size zero or to construct lean abs to feel and look appealing. But, we often forget that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It subsequently gets critical to construct body energy or a positive self-perception among individuals so they can see themselves in a positive light. 

We have a perception of ourselves that depends on our self-assessment and our own impression of how we see, feel, think, and carry on towards our bodies. Exploration proposes that this self-perception can be contrary among individuals who invest energy via online media applications such Instagram or Facebook while devouring appearance-based substance. 

Another study suggests that utilizing online media to peruse the substance that is centred around looks or appearance, causes disappointment identified with one's own looks. In certain people, this can cause body dysmorphia, an issue where an individual is fixated on limits in their appearance that isn't obvious to other people. In such a case, a proficient assistant must be required.

Here are some ways as described by life coach, Samira Gupta in which we can be body positive.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Studies have shown that comparing oneself with models can cause antagonistic temperaments and pessimistic self-perception among individuals. Instead of this, one can practice self-love and figure out how to value their own body. You can likewise value others however without drawing correlations.

Limit consumption of social media

Researchers have tracked down an immediate connection between utilization of appearance-based substance and a negative self-perception. In this way, if you are devouring just appearance-put together substance with respect to online media, it is time you limit your web-based media utilization or burn-through other substance also while perusing.

Count your talents

You are way beyond your looks. Create a list of all your accomplishments and abilities and figure out how to value yourself and view yourself.

Observe what your body can do

It is essential to help yourself to remember the perplexing exercises that your body can do no sweat. You can make a list of the developments that your body can make like dancing, running, walking, jumping and more. This will assist you with learning motivations to value your body.

Maintain a gratitude journal

Mention each small thing that you are grateful for in your life. By practising this daily, you will be able to see a gradual mindset shift to optimism. Focusing your energy in the right place is vital for self-growth.

Practice self-affirmation

Identify what motivates you, stand in front of the mirror and repeat those affirmations to yourself. For example: I am strong, I am abundant, I am confident, I am courageous, I can do it!

Enunciate your self-esteem

It has been seen that people who have an antagonistic self-perception, have low confidence since they continually put themselves down. You can upgrade your confidence by being honest with yourself.

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Body Positivity

What does body positivity mean?
Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.

Why is body positivity toxic?
Excess use of social media has instilled a fake image or an ideal image in our minds. Reinforcing the idea of having a perfect body image. It has also put an immense pressure on us to always feel good and look good which creates toxicity.

What is body neutrality?
Body neutrality promotes acceptance of your body as it is, encouraging you to recognize its abilities and nonphysical characteristics over your appearance.