7 Useful reasons why your child should practice doing yoga daily

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Health benefits of yoga for kids

Many believe that yoga might be harmful to toddlers and children, but in fact, yoga is one of the forms of exercise that all kids and toddlers must practice. Practising yoga every day can be very beneficial for the holistic growth of the child. It develops the child’s mind, body and encourages focus and stretching of the body muscles as well. It not only focuses on physical health and growth but also fosters one to pay attention to their mental health. Yoga is indeed a great form of exercise for your child. So, Dr Shovna KC, Consultant Physiotherapist, Motherhood Hospitals, Hebbal, Bangalore talks about why and how yoga is beneficial for your kids.

Benefits of yoga for your child: -

Increases concentration

Many poses and meditation in yoga use the power of concentration and the process of practising the pose daily helps increase and improve focus.

Improves Flexibility

Yoga is a long process, no one aces it the first time. The effects of yoga show after regular practice. Yoga makes the child’s body more flexible and avoids stiffness in the body.

Helps in releasing stress

As mentioned earlier, yoga not only focuses on physical health but also concentrates on mental health. In these times it is not only adults that suffer from stress and anxiety. Practising yoga can help one release the stress and anxiety that one might be going through.

Increases activity

Regular yoga helps a child to be calm, peaceful, and mindful but also increases endurance and stretchability of the body. When one practices yoga regularly, one can stay active the entire day and learn and enjoy even more.

Feeling of accomplishment

The hormones that are released during the practice of yoga make one feel good and when one finally accomplishes a yoga pose that one might feel elated.

Increases regulation

Regulation and healthy circulation of blood are extremely important for kids and adults. With increased regulation and circulation of blood, there is oxygen that is also regulated along with it. It is healthy for the child and their development.

Improves body posture

Practising yoga regularly allows children to make their posture and body structure better. It improves the bone structure as well. It also reduces the occurrence of delayed milestones.

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