7 Ways to combat stress to maintain a successful professional life and career

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing - it is crucial in helping us become more efficient, productive and effective. But what happens when stress threatens to overwhelm your life? The feeling lurks in the shadows, depleting your energy, sacking your concentration, and shaking your confidence.
7 Ways to combat stress to maintain a successful professional life and career
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Stress levels have been on the rise in recent years, and an effective way to manage stress has become a must for most people. Although you don’t have to go and move mountains to attain self-love and self-care. All you need is to know what is important - yourself. To have a successful professional life or rather a healthy work-life balance, combating stress plays a vital role in paving ways to success.

Below are some stress hacks to maintain a successful professional life while balancing a harmonious personal life as well.

Prioritise and organise

A great way to not feel overwhelmed by stress is to prioritise your work and stay organised in executing your targets. Know the objective of your goals, compare them with one and other, take up only 2-3 tasks at once for optimum results and give yourself deadlines that are attainable. These habits of prioritising and organising will help you stay on track mentally as well as in your work.

Initiate workplace wellness

Your workplace must support a sustained work environment that helps you feel motivated and fresh while you work. With WFH being the new buzzword, you can have plenty of small things you can do to make your work from home experience more enjoyable and healthier. It could be having a bottle of water, choosing natural light, lighting up a scented candle or taking a weekly virtual wellness class with your teammates.

Build a positive relationship 

Making friends at work isn’t always easy. In fact, a recent sociology study suggests people may need to spend up to 200 hours together before they consider themselves “close friends.” Hours spent bonding at work can help build friendships, but the dedicated quality time spent team-building can speed up the bonding process.

Exercise (or exercise more)

Exercise has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins and reduces the negative effects of stress. It is meditation in motion and instantly improves your mood. This is a self-care ritual that must be included in your daily routine in some form or the other, be it going for a walk, or going to the gym or practising pilates, or yoga, or dancing etc.

Take a Break

It seems so easy yet it is the most important of all therapies. Child and adult psychiatry focuses a lot on encouraging people to take out time for themselves. Plan a vacation and take some time off completely. Do whatever you find relaxing for your mind and body.

Lastly, meditation!

Meditation has many health benefits and is a highly effective way to relieve stress and maintain a healthier lifestyle. With practice, meditation becomes both more of an easy habit to maintain and more of an effective one as well, given that it builds resilience to stress over time. Putting in the effort to learn and practice meditation can actually transform your experience of stress in life.

Eat healthy & nutritious food

Have you heard of the phrase Eat your feelings? This has made many turn to “comfort food” that is unhealthy for your well-being. As it is said that whatever you put in your body defines you. Hence your diet should contain loads and loads of vegetables, fruits, nuts. Whole grains and lean proteins also play a very important role. Fruits like bananas are famous for their antidepressant properties so they should be used in abundance.

How you react to stress makes all the difference. Strong stress management skills lead to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. All you need is a plan and a bit of mindfulness. Happy 2021!

About the author: Anoushka Adya, founder of Grow, a mental health startup, Relier and Lajja Diaries.

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