7 Yoga poses to stay healthy and fit post COVID 19 vaccination

Updated on May 26, 2021 05:15 PM IST  |  440.2K
How to take care of yourself post covid 19 vaccination

Finally, people above 18 are getting vaccinated to fight the deadly COVID 19 virus. But post-vaccination also, we all need to maintain social distance, wear mask and sanitise our hands to not contract the virus. Right after getting the jab, many people have reported to having slight fever or pain due to the side effects of the vaccine. So, we should take care of our health to fight against the side effects of the vaccine and feel fit and healthy after getting vaccinated. And in terms of staying healthy, yoga is always beneficial. It helps to release toxins efficiently from the mind and the body. Toxins in the mind come in the form of stress which can accumulate within your system causing much harm to the physical body. So, here are some easy yoga poses shown by Grand master Akshar to stay healthy post vaccination.


Udgeeth pranayama


Sit in a comfortable pose.

Choose from Sukhasan, Ardhapadmasan or Padmasana if you sitting on the ground.

Straighten your back, close your eyes.

Place Prapthi Mudra on your knees.

Inhale and fill your lungs with air.

Exhale with the sound of ‘Om’.

Brahmari Pranayama


Place your thumbs on the 'Tragus', the external flap outside on your ear.

Place your index finger on your forehead; your middle finger on the Medial Canthus and ring finger on the corner of your nostril.

Inhale and fill your lungs with air.

As you exhale, slowly make a buzzing sound like that of a bee, i.e., “mmm...”

Keep your mouth closed the entire time and feel the vibration of the sound disseminate throughout your body.


Start by stretching your legs out.

Join your legs bringing your heels together.

Keep your back straight.

Tighten the muscles of your pelvis, thighs and calves.

Look ahead.

Place your palms beside your hips on the floor to support your spine.

Relax your shoulders.

Hold this asana for 30 seconds.


Urdhva Mukhi Marjari Asana.

Get down on your knees, place palms under shoulders and knees under hips.

Inhale, curve your spine to look up.

Adho Mukhi Marjari Asana

Exhale, curve your spine to form an arch of the back and allow your neck to drop down.

Focus your gaze towards your chest.

Savithri asana

Slowly lower your knees and place them on the floor.

With your body weight supported by your lower legs and knees, keep your upper body perpendicular to the floor.

Stretch your arms up.

Align your arms, spine, hips and thighs.


Formation of the posture

Lie down on your back.

Lift up your upper and lower body to balance on your sitting bones.

Your toes must be aligned with your eyes.

Keep your knees and back straight.

Keep your arms parallel to the ground and pointing forward.

Tighten your abdominal muscles.

Straighten your back.

Inhale and exhale normally.

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