8 Foods that can make you anxious and what are the alternatives

Here's another smart, simple and effective way to deal with anxiety and depression. Read on to know more.
8 Foods that can make you anxious and what are the alternatives
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Millions of people across the world suffer from an anxiety disorder. Therapy, mindfulness, exercise, and anti-anxiety medications are some of the ways to reduce and prevent the same. Aside from these approaches, another natural way to reduce anxiety is to avoid certain foods. There are food items that can actually trigger anxiety. Yes, you read it right! So, if you are always anxious then you should keep a check on the kind of food items you have been consuming

There is a popular saying, you are what you eat and in the case of anxiety, it cannot be more true. Anyways, better and healthy choices of foods can not only keep anxiety and depression away by improving your mood but also it will help your overall health.  Today we have listed food items that can cause anxiety and depression and which foods you can eat as their alternatives. Read on to know more.

1. Fruit juice 
You must be thinking of how fruit juice can be bad. Actually, whole fruits have fibre and juice lack the same. Fibre helps us to feel fuller and slows down blood processes. WIthout fibre, juices can give us a sugar rush and it can lead to a crash and burn status and you will be more hungry and angry aka Hangry. So, when thirsty drink water and eat whole fruits. 

2. Soda
Soda is not only unhealthy but also linked to depression. It is full of calories and sugar and the caffeine will only make you more anxious. You can try seltzer water for your soda fix.

3. White bread 
Love eating toasts and sandwiches in breakfasts? If yes, try and avoid white ones as they are made from highly processed white flour and it can make us crash and burn. You can either go for whole-grain alternative or try oatmeal for breakfasts.

4. Frosting
Forsting is not only loaded with sugar but also hydrogenated oils and trans fats, and these do not help anxiety. The healthy alternative is yoghurt. 

5. Fried chicken
Fried chicken and other fried stuff have unhealthy fats.

6. Coffee
Caffeine can make people jittery and nervous and it can also mess up our sleep. Caffeine withdrawal is another task. If you want you can go fro decaf coffee. 

7.  Alcohol
Too much drinking is bad for health including mental health.  If you want to calm your nerves and make you more sociable then limit yourself to just a drink or two max. 

8. Ketchup and dressing sauces
Sugar and added artificial sweeteners are linked to anxiety and depression.  And that's why go for homemade tomato salsa and sauces. For the unversed, store-bought sauces have high-fructose corn syrup which is again not helpful for depression.