8 Tips to stay healthy when you are extremely busy

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8 Tips to stay healthy when you are extremely busy

Is your busy schedule taking a toll on your health? Over the years, have you succumbed to a job that has left you standing at the brink of developing health diseases? Regardless of how much you love your job, it is important that you take care of your health as well. Plus, your success is tied to your health. In other words, being healthy makes you productive, creative and improves your performance.  

That said, even the most successful people can get overwhelmed with passion and desire, and forget the importance of being healthy. If you too are struggling with the same and looking for ways to stay healthy despite a busy schedule, this article is for you. Ms. Pavithra N Raj, Chief Dietician, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, has shared some tips with us to help you stay healthy when your schedule is jam-packed. 

“When people are busy, they tend to avoid food or decrease their portion size. It can make them feel weak and sluggish. It is important to ensure that you do not suppress your hunger and have the right portion of meals that are full of healthy ingredients,” said Ms. Pavithra. 

Read on to find tips for busy people to stay healthy. 

Be regular

Make sure you incorporate healthy eating habits in your day-to-day life. Start slowly and inculcate a healthy diet on a regular basis. Remember healthy eating habits plays a pivotal role in managing the calorie intake.

Have regular small meals

Instead of eating one big meal, make sure that you eat smaller meals at regular intervals. It helps the body to register how hungry you are and helps in avoiding extra food.

Have king-size breakfast

A healthy and fulling breakfast is a must if you want to live a healthy life. Do it right by including cereals, fruits, milkshakes instead of oil and extra butter. Even healthy, simple food can be made tasty with the right ingredients. 

Ensure small servings

Start with small servings to avoid overeating. Remember, you could always take more if you still feel hungry.

Eat slowly

Eating slow does not only help in chewing the food properly but also lets you enjoy the taste. When we eat food at a fast speed, we tend to eat more without realising the taste. Eating at a slow pace also helps your body digest the food better.

Replace packed foods with healthy foods

Whenever you eat packed foods, make sure you include some healthy foods like an apple or orange with it. 

Load on fruits and vegetable

Gorge on boiled veggies and fresh fruits as part of your meal. A box full of veggies will not only ensure nutrition, but will also help lower your calorie intake. 

Choose proteins over carbohydrates 

Eating the right foods will help you nourish your body. Remember when your body is hungry, it wants nutrients not calories. Boiled sprouts, groundnuts, corns, boiled eggs, makhanas, roasted channa etc.

Some more tips to stay active at work: 

1- People can do some amount of physical activity during the working hours

2- Take walking breaks - best is to avoid lift and climb the stairs.

Some exercises when you take a break: 

1- Do some rotation neck exercise to reduce some neck tension. 

2- Calf Raises: Light stretching exercise for back and wrist, hamstring stretches are good to stretch the legs. 

3- Arm circles will get your blood moving in your arms. 

4- Desk or wall push-ups for a strong chest, shoulders and back. 

5- Triceps stretch to improve flexibility, lengthen muscles, and increase range of motion. 

6- Shoulder stretch and rolls are the perfect exercises to de-stress.

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