Add THESE 3 yoga asanas to your daily fitness routine to promote overall wellbeing

Yoga is always a great physical activity to stay fit. It relieves stress, calms our mind, provides good sleep and improves concentration. So, Grand Master Akshar shows us 3 asanas to promote overall wellbeing.
Add THESE 3 yoga asanas to your daily fitness routine to promote overall wellbeing
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Health cannot be defined simply by the shape of one’s body, as it covers many other aspects. Good health is an individual’s well-being that constitutes his physical health, mental health, emotional and spiritual health. To enjoy the bountiful gift of life, we must be healthy, and strong. A diseased mind or a sick body suffers from being unable to relish the myriad experiences of life. This is why we need to nurture and care for our own well-being. This includes taking care of all the different aspects of mind, body and spirit. 

Through the help of yoga we can be physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced and spiritually blissful. This is the ancient and divine science that takes care of our whole being. When we are filled with positive energy, we can radiate good vibrations, and handle the day with calmness. A reflection of our healthy mental and emotional state is the ability to remain calm, restrained, and aware. Here are 3 asanas, practising which, can benefit all these facets of your being.

Prasarita Padottanasana

Formation of the posture:

Spread your feet wide and toes pointing inward.

Keep your knees straight.

Place palms down under your shoulders.

Drop your head as low as possible.

Back should be kept as straight as possible.

Repeat for up to 3 sets holding for 30 seconds each.

Breathing Methodology: Exhale as you squat down and inhale as you open your palms to the sky.


Formation of the posture:

Start by lying down on your back (you can use a wall for support if needed).

Keep your legs straight and aligned above your hips.

Relax, and close your eyes while breathing deeply.

Stay in this posture 30 seconds or for as long as you are comfortable.

Breathing Methodology:

As you lie down, inhale and exhale normally.

Yoga is a practice that gives innumerable benefits to the practitioner’s physical, mental and emotional state. The various aspects of yogic practice include asanas that can strengthen and tone your body, and make it flexible. Pranayama is regulation of breath that adds vitality to your life; it also helps as a detox mechanism. Meditation techniques provide a sense of calm that soothes your mind and wards away stress. The beauty of yoga and spirituality is that it needs no expensive equipment or props. With all these different factors nourished, we can find ourselves in alignment with our highest goals and purpose.

Bal Bakasana

Formation of the posture:

Begin in Marjariasana.

Place your elbows down flat.

Spread your fingers apart and point them forward.

Lean forward in such a way that all your body weight shifts onto your triceps.

Find your balance and slowly lift both your feet off the ground. Bring your  feet together.

Focus at a point and hold this asana for a while.

Breathing Methodology: Inhale and exhale normally.

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