Agave VS Honey: Which one is healthier for you?

Agave vs Honey: Natural sweeteners are the healthy alternatives people are choosing over sugar today. But is it healthy? Read on to know more.
Health & Fitness,Agave,Sugar Alternative Agave VS Honey: Which one is healthier for you?
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We all have been guilty of consuming foods that are termed ‘unhealthy’ – that have zero nutritional value and no health benefits to offer. With the majority of the population becoming health-conscious, healthy foods are slowly replacing unhealthy alternatives, which means that you must have sought out for a healthier sugar source as well. 

There’s nothing better than tucking down a healthy way to sweeten up your coffee without worrying about your health. Natural sweeteners might be a good alternative, but how healthy are they? Two of the most used alternatives of sugar are honey and agave nectar, but which one is healthier? Let’s compare the two sweeteners and check which one is better for you. 

Agave VS Honey 

Is agave nectar healthy? 

Agave is a syrup which comes from the fluid inside the blue agave plant. The fluid is extracted from the plant. The juice is then filtered and heated to break it into a simple sugar called fructose. The product is then concentrated into a syrup. 

Even if it is marketed as natural sweetener, it is not. It is a processed sugar that requires multiple processing steps before it reaches the store. Basically, agave is mostly fructose, which can be bad for your liver as it increases LDL cholesterol. However, it has a low glycaemic index, which means that it won’t increase your blood sugar levels. 

Is honey healthy? 

Honey is naturally made in nature by bees and harvested from the honeycomb. It doesn’t particularly need to be processed before consuming, but certain brands pasteurize it to kill bacteria before storage. Raw honey is unprocessed, making it a healthier choice. 

Honey contains less fructose than agave. It also has sugars glucose and other sugars, including maltose, sucrose, and more. Apart from this, honey is also believed to be effective in relieving sore throat, cough, and improving the quality of sleep. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help reduce seasonal allergies. It also contains antioxidants that help the body get rid of harmful free radicals and alleviate the risk of developing serious health conditions. 

Which one is healthier? 

Most dieticians don’t hesitate to pitch honey as a clear winner as it contains all these nutrients that protect the body from various health issues. While the number of calories in both agave and honey are at par (around 60 calories per tablespoon each), agave tastes a bit sweeter. 

More than the type of sweetener, it is the amount you consume that matters. Honey has health benefits, but it’s important to stick to a low serving size since it is nothing but added sugar. Consuming too much of any sweetener can lead to obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes. 

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