Alia Bhatt's weight loss secret and diet can help you stay in shape

Alia Bhatt wasn't always as fit as she is today. She was a chubby kid who was disappointed with herself until she felt inspired to lose the fat and transform her body and her weight loss secret might be just what you need to lose weight.
Alia Bhatt's weight loss secret and diet can help you stay in shapeAlia Bhatt's weight loss secret and diet can help you stay in shape
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Our beloved star kid, Alia Bhatt did not have it easy. She did not just become the perfect cute girl with amazing acting skills without any efforts. Before her debut in Karan Johar's film, Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt was not as fit and fab as she is now. She weighed a lot more than she does now and before her debut, she managed to work hard and lose all the flab. She lost about 20 kilos before her debut and all of that within the span of 6 months.

She did that with sheer determination and dedication. But that's not all, she also has a strict diet and workout routine that she follows religiously which has helped her maintain her health throughout. Even today she maintains a decent weight and workout to stay fit. Alia also follows a diet that helps her remain active, fit and energetic through the day and we all need a fitness routine like hers in order to stay fit. If Alia is the one who has inspired you to lose weight, you may want to follow her fitness regime to accelerate weight loss and stay fit.

Here are Alia Bhatt's weight loss secrets and diet that keeps her in shape:

Alia Bhatt Workout  Tips:


Alia has inspired us with her sheer determination and motivated all of us to just work hard and shed the extra kilos but we also need her fitness trainer and if not we suppose, her fitness plan should suffice. She made a major lifestyle change and started working out and made it a part of her daily routine. She included a lot of cardio and running and kickboxing in her workout routine. Alia also does a lot of pilates and yoga now to remain fit. Alia also does a lot of weights and functional training in order to tone her muscles and improve her stamina and strength. Alia includes dancing in her workout as it's a fun way to stay fit and flexible.

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Alia Bhatt Diet Plan:

Alia was a chubby kid and she loves sweets and other delicious junk food that she loved but she gave it all up in order to get fit. She was put on a healthy and balanced diet in order to provide her body with adequate nutrients but keep her away from excess calories. She focuses a lot of portion control now. Instead of 3 big meals a day she eats 6 to 8 small meals that boost her metabolism and keep hunger pangs and cravings at bay. She includes a lot of proteins and vegetables and fruits in her diet. She also consumes healthy fat that can keep her going.

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