Always feeling tired and drained? Look out for THESE 5 Signs of extreme mental fatigue

In an attempt to be the best, we set unrealistic goals and standards for ourselves. To meet these standards, we stress and work overtime. This can lead to mental fatigue and burnout.
Always feeling tired and drained? Look out for THESE 5 Signs of extreme mental fatigue
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If you tend to constantly feel overwhelmed, tired and drained, chances are that you are suffering from mental fatigue. You feel that there is a lot to do but there is very little time and energy in you to do it. You are unable to focus on stuff and feel exhausted. 


This can happen due to overcommitting to things and always having too many things lined up at a time. This can, naturally, leave you feeling drained at every level and tire you and can result in a burnout. Here are 5 signs of mental fatigue to look out for.


If your brain is working overtime, it is understandably too tired to switch off and sleep. Constant worrying and stressing can lead to insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.


The tension and stress can lead to anxiety and depression. It can encourage negative thoughts and emotions and you may end up feeling low or sad for no reason.

Loss of appetite

You don’t feel motivated enough to eat. You don’t feel like cooking or eating and are too tired for it. You tend to often skip meals and just survive on the bare minimum.


Your brain is having difficulty in processing the information as it is experiencing an overload. It is unable to remember stuff and cannot achieve clarity.


Experiencing dizziness means that your body is physically and mentally drained. Your brain needs a break. With so much to do and process, your body cannot take it anymore and needs rest.

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