Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products you need from Amazon to start your day fresh and healthy

How well you spend your morning decides how great the rest of your day goes. Here are 6 products from Amazon that can boost your morning energy every day. check it out!
Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products you need from Amazon to start your day fresh and healthy Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products you need from Amazon to start your day fresh and healthy
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Breakfast, exercise and skincare, mornings can be pretty hectic to make a systematic routine but it's important not to miss any out of it in the name of work. Now that we are back to lockdown and work from home, make sure to stay healthy and make the most out of the ample time in your hands. Good food, regular exercise and skin treatment can help you out of this pandemic. So, on today’s deal of the day, we bring to you 6 such everyday products you need to make your mornings smarter and cool.




Summer can be harsh on your skin. Before the wrinkles and fine lines start to make their mark, initiate your skincare by moisturising daily morning after your bath. This bottle holds pure cocoa and shea butter, known to reveal skin’s natural glow and add a good fragrance to it. 

Price: Rs 345

Deal of the day: Rs 267

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Sun Expert SPF

Never get out of your home without sunscreen even if you are just planning to walk on the terrace basking in the sun. Vitamin from the sun is crucial for our metabolism but sunscreen shields skin against UVA and UVB rays and prevents sunburn, dark spots and premature ageing.

Price: Rs 439

Deal of the day: Rs 349

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Kellogg's Oats

A healthy breakfast can decide the rest of your life. It gives the much-needed energy to kickstart your day and make it the best. Oats are low in sodium and foods low in sodium may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It can be made into many delicious recipes every day. These include porridge, tempting dosas, tasty idlis, delectable upmas and savoury pohas and many more, so you can make a smart start to a healthy lifestyle in a yummy way.

Price: Rs 320

Deal of the day: Rs 260

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Nutritional Drink

Most of us are tea or coffee addicts but the real energy provider are nutritional drinks that can make our mornings better. Protinex has protein, calcium, Vitamin B and minerals like Iron that support the calm growth and maintenance of muscle mass, strengthen bones, improve metabolism, and contribute to blood cell formation.

Price: Rs 585

Deal of the day: Rs 535

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Skipping Rope

Since the gyms are in closed doors, work out from your home to keep your body and mind fit. This doesn't mind you gotta roll on the works and o hard tasks but just skipping every morning can give your muscles and heart a great push.

Price: Rs 459

Deal of the day: Rs 349

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Yoga Mat

In case you are not into working out vigorously or skipping every morning a calm and peaceful yoga can get the work done smoothly. Yoga can work wonders in your mind and body in ways we just can’t think of. Stretches and flexibility of one’s body can aid in good health and long life. This anti-skid yoga mat is perfect for yoga workout and other floor exercises.

Price: Rs 488

Deal of the day: Rs 388

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