Anxiety vs Depression: THIS is how these two mental disorders are different from each other

Differentiating between anxiety and depression can be very difficult but understanding the difference can help people understand their mental health much better and evaluate it themselves before they see a doctor.
Anxiety vs Depression: THIS is how these two mental disorders are different from each other
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What are the most common mental health problems? The most common answer that you will get are anxiety and depression. Both of these mental conditions have a lot in common and sometimes they even have similar signs and symptoms which can make it very difficult to differentiate between the two. But the key to good mental health is by having a deeper understanding of mental health and mental health problems. Other than overlapping causes, symptoms and treatment, these two mental disorders often overlap too. It's very common for people with anxiety to develop depression or vice versa. This, in turn, makes everything even more complicated but you cannot explain or get a good diagnosis of your mental health if you don't understand it yourself. So, why not begin with understanding the difference between these two most common disorders because as similar as they seem there are a number of major differences which make set them apart from each other.


Let's begin by understanding the difference in the symptoms. The most common symptoms of anxiety related to your mood are excessive worrying, restlessness and irritability. On physical level, anxiety can cause muscle tension, fatigue and it can also lead to sleep disturbances and sleep problems. People with anxiety often find it tough to concentrate on things and have a very small attention span. Anxiety can cause people to be withdrawn. Running away from problems or avoiding situations and withdrawal from social groups are common behavioural traits of someone with anxiety. Anxiety attacks are also a common problem with anxiety disorders.


People who have depression tend to lose interest in things and have a major lack of motivation. They tend to have bouts of depression or sad moods. Sometimes it can just be a bad mood. Depression can cause a drop or an increase in a persons appetite as well as sleep. Depression can lead to insomnia or sometimes even hypersomnia. One major symptom of depression is a lack of energy. Depressed people feel exhausted and have no energy to do anything at all. They often also feel guilty or worthless and beat themselves over it. Depression can fill you up with loads of negative thoughts and emotions and sometimes it's accompanied by suicidal thoughts and people can feel that their life is a burden or just not worth living.

Note: Whatever you may be feeling, it's always best to see a psychiatrist and get diagnosed before it's too late. Mental health is no different from physical health and deserves equal attention and care.   

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