Aqua Therapy: 6 Benefits of THIS therapy to promote optimal health

Aqua therapy or water therapy is currently very popular all around the world. So, Dr. Neethu John, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, AquaCentric Therapy Pvt Ltd, talks about its health benefits to reduce the symptoms of different ailments.
Aqua Therapy Health Benefits Aqua Therapy: 6 Benefits of THIS therapy to promote optimal health
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From Roman baths to hot mineral springs, cultures around the world have used therapeutic properties of water for centuries to treat a variety of health concerns. 'Aquatic therapy' is a medically aided therapy performed in water to assist in rehabilitation and recovery. The therapy is conducted in warm temperature regulated pools by trained Aquatic Therapists. The major benefit of exercising in the pool is that the gravity eliminated environment reduces the stress on the joints to just 1/10th of the body weight. Dr. Neethu John, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, AquaCentric Therapy Pvt Ltd, gives you deep insight into water therapy and its health benefits.

The benefits of the treatment are as follows:

Pain reduction.

Muscle relaxation.

Improved joint motion and flexibility.

Re-education of paralysed muscles.

Improved circulation.

Ease in ambulation.

Strengthening the weakened muscles.

Increase in power and endurance.

Reduction in swelling.

Enhanced recovery.

1-With immersion in water, a few physiological effects noted are increased blood supply and metabolism in the muscles. The warmth of the water causes dilatation or widening of the superficial blood vessels and an increase in peripheral blood supply. These physiological effects are one of the major scientific reasons explaining pain reduction and improvement in flexibility and muscle relaxation.

2- Aquatic Therapy has been gaining popularity worldwide for its widespread therapeutic interventions. It has been found effective in all conditions including the Musculoskeletal, Sports, Neurological, Women's Health Care & Paediatric conditions. Water, due to its numerous befitting properties, gives a stroke patient the confidence to perform better as it reduces the spasms and improves the tone of the muscles while constantly supporting the body weight.

3-A person with arthritis is immediately relieved from the stresses and impact on the arthritic joint when immersed in water.

4-An athlete is assured of his or her faster recovery as he or she is challenged in the water to improve performance.

5-The child friendly environment, freedom of movement, and fun playful activities in the water make treating a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more engaging.

6-The magical bond of an unborn and a mother can be nurtured and enhanced by the calming effects of water.

Thus, for maximising the benefits of treatment, Aquatic Therapy provided by a skilled practitioner is highly recommended by doctors and surgeons worldwide, which would thereby improve the quality of lives of individuals and their families.

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