Are you feeling tired and distressed? It may be a sign of anxiety; Here are ways to tackle it

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Exhaustion may signal anxiety
Are you feeling tired and distressed? It may be a sign of anxiety; Here are ways to tackle it

Racing heart, fast breathing, negative thoughts, cold and shivering hands, and exhaustion, we all suffer from these at some point in our lives. The solution, most of the time, is to have a cup of chai. Miraculously it does work. However, if the above symptoms are frequent and uncontrollable there are chances that you may be suffering from anxiety.

Often people see anxiety as something that makes you worry a lot. However, it is much more than that and can present in several ways. Headaches, cold hands, shivering, irritability, fidgety nature can all happen due to anxiety.

So, the next time when you have these unexplained symptoms, do try and rule out the possibility of anxiety.

anxiety in adults

Here are a few things that may help relieve the symptoms.

Deep breathing to the rescue

If you suddenly get an anxiety attack, and can’t think of anything else, follow deep breathing exercises. It may help give you immediate relief from the symptoms. If you get anxious frequently, do this, at least, once every day.

deep breathing

Limit caffeine intake

Several experts believe that excessive intake of caffeine can trigger anxiety. So, if you are a tea or coffee lover this may come as bad news for you. If you suffer from anxiety, it is recommended that you include fresh juices in your diet, and avoid drinking, too, much caffeine.

caffeine may trigger

Increase physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle, often, leads to anxiety. So, if you, too, are enjoying work from home, don’t forget to take frequent breaks in between and walk for a few minutes. Include exercise in your daily routine or go for regular morning walks.

Practice mediation

Meditation helps in calming down your mind. Every day spare 20 minutes out of your busy schedule to practice meditation. This will boost your mental health and will help keep negative thoughts at bay.

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