Are you fond of sweets? THESE are the signs you are totally addicted to sugar

Everyone loves to indulge in some ice cream once in a while, but then there are people who like to eat sweets daily. If you are one of them, then here are some signs which prove that you might be addicted to sugar.

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Are you fond of sweets? THESE are the signs you are totally addicted to sugar
Are you fond of sweets? THESE are the signs you are totally addicted to sugar

When it comes to cravings, one thing that most people crave is sweet. Eating different kinds of sweets is not only popular in India, but it is popular globally. Many people have the habit of eating some sweet item after their meal, while many people have the habit of indulging in a sinful dessert once a week. Having deserts once in a while is completely normal. But relying on it heavily is known as addiction.

Some people cannot do without sweets. They need sweets every day. Sweets not only make them happy, but it's also one of their comfort foods. Eating too many sweets not only causes diabetes but it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some people know about all this and still, love to consume sweets. It means that they are addicted to sweets. Sugar addiction is no joke—brains rewire themselves to crave sugar, and you can end up withdrawal symptoms when you don't get enough of the sweet stuff. 


If you are someone who craves sugar almost daily, then here are some signs which may prove that you are addicted to it. 

One portion is never enough:

You are never satisfied with one bowl of ice cream. A sign of sugar addiction is the need for more to satisfy the craving. At first, one bowl of ice cream used to make you happy, but as you become more. At first, one scoop of ice cream does the trick, but as you become more addicted you need more and more to get a fix. 

You eat sugar even when you are full:

You've had a hearty meal, but you still manage to eat that piece of cake served to you. The number one sign you have an addiction is that you're turning to sugar when you're not physically hungry. 

You always crave sweets:

You can never get enough of sweets, and now, your body has accepted that. After a sugar binge, your blood sugar will fall because insulin shoves all that sugar into the cells to prevent sugar damage. That fall causes low blood sugar and more cravings.

You have symptoms when you try to quit sugar:

Like other addictions, sugar addiction is too hard to quit. And when you finally decide to cut back on sugar, your body decided to have withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common sugar addiction symptoms may include headaches, lethargy or feeling tired, cravings, muscle pain, nausea, gas and bloating and even insomnia. So, the best way to give up sugar is slowly by cutting back a little from time to time.  

You use sugar to make yourself happy:

A psychological symptom of sugar addiction is when people continuously turn to sugar as a means to cope with life stress, boredom or other psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Indulging in sugar is unhealthy, as it does not allow the individual to deal with their emotions properly.

You know the side effects, but you still love it:

You are addicted if you eat sugar and junk food compulsively, even though you realize the negative consequences. 

If you think that you are addicted to sweets, then it’s time for you to take a step back and work on it.

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