Are you an introvert or have social anxiety? Here’s how to know

Introversion and social anxiety are often used interchangeable, but they are not the same. Knowing the difference can help you to approach the condition better. Read on to know more.
Are you an introvert or have social anxiety? Here’s how to know
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Do you get an upset stomach every time someone asks you to attend a social gathering? Do you fear that other people feel you are annoying when you are actually not? If you feel an overpowering urge to avoid a crowd or become too nervous to approach someone you like, you might be suffering from social anxiety. How to know if it is introversion or social anxiety? Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, or an ambivert, it has little to do with whether or not you experience anxiety. 

Introversion and social anxiety are often confused with each other. The main difference between the two is the element of fear. Social anxiety is a result of fear. You might want to avoid social situations because you feel scared that people will judge you from your personality. Introverts, on the other mind, may not give much importance to what other people think. They like to spend time alone without any disruptions and choose not to go out. If you’re confused whether or not you’re socially anxious, then this post might help. 

7 signs you aren’t an introvert, but you may have social anxiety. 

1- An introvert wants to wrap up a party as soon as possible or experience manageable anxiety in social settings. A person with social anxiety experiences acute anxiety which may even cause functional limits. The thought of social interaction can be paralyzing for someone suffering from social anxiety. 

2- Being an introvert is a personality trait and social anxiety is often a result of a person’s environment. It can develop after bullying or some other devastating experience. Is there a specific incident that made you socially awkward? Finding the cause might help you recognize whether you were born as an introvert or some early form of social rejection led to the problem. 

3- Introverts may not be bothered about what others think. For those with social anxiety, they fear that they will be judged on their personality. They might feel scared of meeting unfamiliar people and what they will think of them. 

4- Introverts don’t mind meeting new people, but they loathe the idea of meaningless talk. But in case you avoid meeting people because you’re scared, then you may be socially anxious. 

5- Do you avoid situations even if you’ll miss an opportunity? If so, then you suffer from social anxiety. An introvert may not like social situations, but that doesn’t mean that they will miss out on professional or personal opportunities. 

6- Introverts are capable of enjoying and have fun in social settings. However, socially anxious people are mostly unable to have a pleasant time even if they try. 

7- One of the sure-shot signs that you may not be an introvert, but instead have social anxiety, is if you find that alone time doesn’t really make you feel energetic. Introverts often feel recharged after spending some time alone.

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