Are you trying to lose weight? THESE habits could damage your weight loss goals

Our goals mean a lot to us but sometimes achieving it becomes difficult due to some daily habits that we are ignorant of and this is why you could be failing to achieve your weight loss goals.
Are you trying to lose weight? THESE habits could damage your weight loss goals Are you trying to lose weight? THESE habits could damage your weight loss goals
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We all have our weight loss or fitness goals that mean a lot to us but sometimes even after you do all that you can, reaching your goals seems difficult. You always end up putting on more weight or you seem to be stuck in the same spot with the same number on the scale or inches and no matter what you do the number on the scale seems to be too stubborn to move up or down.

If you’ve been stressing about it maybe it’s time to stop worrying and look at the other things in your life that could be causing this weight gain and destroying your weight loss goals. Sometimes small habits that we ignore are the cause of all our problems and perhaps some of your harmless habits could be spoiling your weight loss goals.

1. Eating Out

You love eating out and you hating eating at home and even though you try to keep it healthy. Eating out at a restaurant more than once a week could be the reason you’re putting on kilos instead of shedding them.

2. Sleeping Pattern

You workout and you watch your diet but your sleeping patterns are a mess. If you sleep less and fail to get your 8 hours of beauty sleep and you sleep at all kinds of odd hours and that could be the reason you aren’t able to lose any weight.

3. Skipping meals

If you’re thinking that skipping a meal can help you skip out on consuming those extra calories and help you lose more weight, you couldn’t be more wrong. Skipping a meal will only make you hungrier and lead to lack of portion control and snacking a tad bit too much.

4. Unhealthy Diet

Unhealthy diets like the juice or protein shake diet can lead to unhealthy weight gain and spoil your weight loss regime. Avoid any diet or intermittent fasting will only make things worse.

5. Not walking

Even though you sweat it out in the gym or spend a lot of time working out and exercising but you simply fail to walk at all. You simply skip out on walking at all and just drive everywhere you go.


You love your snacks and even though you try to keep your snacks healthy you fail to notice when and how much you’re eating. You tend to consume too many snacks and sometimes you simply end up eating in the middle of the night.

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