Are you a Vegan? Here are some foods that you need to include in your diet

A vegan diet can lead to a lack of nutrient and other such deficiencies in the body, this is why it is essential to include healthy and nutrient-rich food in your diet.
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Many of us want to follow a moral and ethical diet and save animals and the planet. Veganism does just that. The people who switch to a vegan lifestyle quit all forms of animal produce. They switch to a purely plant-based diet. This means that they give up on milk and dairy products and eggs and all kinds of meat. Doing so reduces the number of important nutrients from their diet. Milk contains calcium which is very difficult to replace with any other natural products. It is essential to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients that it requires to remain healthy no matter what diet you follow. Maintaining a healthy vegan diet is important for a healthy body and lifestyle. Here are some foods that you need to include in your diet in order to do that.


Grains and lentils and beans and peas are packed with a lot of proteins. They also contain a lot of fiber and carbs and minerals. They’re rich in antioxidants and provide our body with much-needed nutrients.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits and nuts are rich in protein and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. They’re also rich in fiber and antioxidants. They make for a healthy and filling snack. They are also nutrient-rich food that a vegan should include in their diet.


Hemp seeds and flaxseeds and chia seeds contain proteins and fatty acids. They make for a great substitute for eggs.


Tofu is a great replacement of meat or cottage cheese that is made from soybeans. It is rich in iron and calcium and proteins. Just like meat or cottage cheese, tofu also leaves you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Calcium replacement

Replace the calcium content by consuming plant-based milk products like almond milk or soy milk or yogurt. Your body needs calcium which it cannot get from dairy products.


Include nutrient-rich lentils and legumes in your diet. Sprouting lentils helps absorb more nutrients and increases the nutrient intake of your body.

Fruits & Vegetables

They’re a huge part of a vegan diet as they’re all plant-based foods. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with all kinds of nourishments and help you stay healthy without consuming any sort of animal produce.


Great list, but these aren't items that vegan need to include in their diet. These are items that everyone needs to include in their diet.

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