Are your periods just around the corner? Remember THESE menstrual hygiene tips

Updated on Oct 22, 2019 02:51 PM IST  |  809.5K
 Are your periods just around the corner? Remember THESE menstrual hygiene tips

Menstruation is part and parcel of life. We all have to deal with periods and there's no running away from it. You cannot avoid periods and they can be a true hassle. Periods can be very painful for some women and that's a total turn off but that does not mean that you can ignore your body and its needs. Your body needs care and love and most importantly, it needs healthcare and hygiene. Now, menstrual hygiene is something that most of us tend to ignore but it is essential for every woman to follow some basic periods hygiene tips to ensure that they maintain periods health. Instead of treating periods like something impure and dirty, we need to treat it like any other regular bodily function and do what's needed for our own body and health and hygiene. Not doing so can lead to numerous periods related problems and it can eventually take a toll on your reproductive system and your vagina. It can lead to infections as well. This is why every woman needs some menstrual hygiene tips.

Here are things that you can do to maintain menstrual hygiene.


1. It is essential to change your pads every few hours. Don't use the same pad for more than 8 hours during the night and during the day change it every 6 hours. This helps you keep your intimate areas clean and prevent infection and rashes. Your vagina has some organisms that occur naturally but when you don't change your pad or tampon regularly you allow them the opportunity to breed.


2. When you wear pads for a few hours the blood accumulates and cause some bad odour. You can prevent that by washing and cleaning your vagina whenever you go to the loo.


3. Don't use any vaginal wash or soap. Your vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and using any product can cause an imbalance in your vagina's pH levels. Simply use plain water to wash and clean your vagina.


4. Wear comfortable and clean underwear. Use underwear which has a breathable fabric like cotton and change your underwear every 12 hours or so.


5. Your vagina needs breathing space which is difficult when you wear a pad but when you add a piece of tight clothing on top of that, it makes things worse. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.