10 health benefits of celery juice, recipe & more

There are many health benefits of celery juice that makes it a wonderful beverage. From celery juice recipes to the side effects, know everything about celery here.

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Health benefits of celery juice | Celery juice recipe, side effects of celery juice, celery juice cleanse & more
Health benefits of celery juice | Celery juice recipe, side effects of celery juice, celery juice cleanse & more

'Health is wealth' is an adage that everyone swears by. It is important to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and manage stress levels to live healthily and happily. There are many superfoods that people incorporate into their diet and reap their benefits. There are many potential health benefits of celery juice, which is why it has gained popularity amongst people. Celery is a highly nutritious food and is often used in salads. Many people like to drink celery juice to reap its benefits. 

Celery juice is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, folate, antioxidants, and potassium, and holds great nutritional value. In fact, traditional healers have used celery juice cleanse to detoxify the body. However, there is no scientific evidence that juice cleanses actually work. Although there is no scientific claim that celery juice cleanses works, there is no reason why you shouldn't add celery to your diet. From celery juice benefits to the recipe for celery juice, we have covered it all in this article. Let's take a look at them one by one. 

Top 10 incredible health benefits of celery juice

Some of the potential celery juice benefits are listed below:

1. It may provide relief from inflammation

Inflammation in the body can lead to many chronic problems such as poor digestion, joint pain, heart problems, diabetes, and so on. It is essential to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into the diet to fight these diseases. Certain phytochemicals extracted from celery are known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. A few studies indicate that these phytochemicals help ease inflammation and also strengthen the body's immune system. 

2. It may keep your heart healthy

Celery juice keeps your heart healthy

Heart diseases are on the rise these days, so it is important to eat a balanced diet to maintain heart health. Celery leaves are loaded with flavonoids that help protect your heart against diseases. 

3. Celery juice may prevent cancer

One of the most important benefits of celery juice is that it can help one stay protected against various types of cancers. 

Celery leaves and seeds contain compounds such as saponin, caffeic acid, tannin, and ferric acid, all of which act as strong antioxidants and minimize the risk of cancer. 

4. It may prevent liver diseases

With celery, many liver diseases like cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, etc. can be prevented and managed. 

Celery leaves and stalks are loaded with antioxidants that fight inflammation in the body, get rid of toxins and free radicals, and keep your body healthy. 

The polyphenols present in celery leaves and stalks also speed up the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body, which in turn help minimize the risk of liver damage. 

5. It keeps you hydrated

One of the key benefits of celery juice is that it helps you stay hydrated. Many people don't have the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day, and this can cause many problems like lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, and so on. 

Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, manage blood pressure levels, and supports kidney health. Drinking celery juice on a daily basis will make you stay hydrated. 

6. It may improve your sleep

According to various studies, plant-based diets help in regulating sleep. Celery contains dietary polyphenols that help in modulating sleep-wake cycles. So, add celery to your diet to get a good night's sleep

7. It may improve brain function

One of the most amazing benefits of celery juice is that it promotes overall brain health. 

Celery leaves contain apigenin that has anti-inflammatory effects, which in turn keeps the brain healthy. If you drink celery juice in the morning, it will make you feel fresh and kick-start your brain. In addition, celery juice contains mineral ions and antioxidants that keep the brain protected against pathogenic stress. Therefore, drinking a glass of celery juice every day can help you prevent problems like memory loss, neurodegenerative disorders, etc. 

8. It may keep your kidneys healthy

Celery juice is packed with potassium and sodium, both of which help regulate the body fluid. Celery juice acts as a wonderful diuretic and helps rid your body of water and salt. It also helps in preventing urinary tract infections and many other kidney problems. Celery juice is also helpful in retaining water in the body and eliminating excess calcium deposits from the body through urine. This in turn prevents gallstones, atherosclerosis, kidney stones, and so on. 

9. It may help in clearing acne

Celery juice is packed with folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C, all of which help in fighting infections and inflammation. Moreover, its antioxidant properties help in keeping acne, pimples, and blemishes at bay. 

10. It keeps the skin younger looking

One of the best benefits of celery juice for the skin is that it keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Apigenin, tannin, luteolin, kaempferol, and saponin are antioxidants present in celery juice that help fight inflammation and delay the early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, etc. So, if you want to rejuvenate your skin, add celery to your diet. 

These were the top 10 benefits of celery juice, now let us understand the nutritional value, potential side effects, and the recipe of celery juice. 

Celery juice nutrition:

There are many benefits of celery juice and hence it is considered healthy and nutritious food to include in your diet.

One cup of fresh celery juice provides:

 Calories in celery juice: 42.5

Carbs: 9.5 gms

Calcium: 8% of the DV, i.e. Daily Value

Protein: 2 gms

Sugar: 5 gms

Potassium: 14% of the daily value

Vitamin K: 74% of the daily value

Magnesium: 7% of the daily value

Vitamin C: 16% of the daily value

Phosphorous: 5% of the daily value

Vitamin A: 7% of the daily value

Sodium: 9% of the daily value 

Apart from this, celery juice is also rich in zinc, biotin, copper, antioxidants, and folate. 

Are there any health benefits of celery juice for the gut?

There are many ways in which celery juice affects our gut. It contains plant compounds, namely pyrroloquinoline quinone and luteolin that keep the gut healthy by reducing inflammation. 

Luteolin is a beneficial plant compound that is present in various veggies and fruits including peppers, spinach, and broccoli, and pyrroloquinoline quinone is found in papaya, tofu, and green tea. According to a study conducted on mice, probiotic-fermented celery juice is good for the gut. However, research including humans is needed before any conclusions. 

Any juice that you drink will have benefits if you make it properly, and the same goes for celery juice. Usually, when we make any juice, we strain the fiber out of it, and fiber is essential for a healthy gut. So, strained juice does not possess many benefits to digestive health. So, if you want to keep your gut healthy, then you should not strain your juice. 

It is also to be noted that celery juice contains fermentable starches which may cause bloating. So, people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) should steer clear of celery juice if they experience any digestive problems after drinking it. 

So, there are many benefits of celery juice, but it also comes with a few side effects. Let's have a look at the negative effects of celery juice one by one. 

Are there any side effects of celery juice?

1. It may cause skin rashes

Celery contains psoralens, an active substance that can cause photosensitivity and skin rashes. So, if you go overboard with celery juice, you might develop photosensitivity and rashes. 

2. It can harm the kidneys

Anything in excess can do more harm than good, and the same is the case with celery juice. Celery, spinach, beets, lettuce, etc. are loaded with dietary oxalates that can hinder the functioning of your kidneys. This is the reason why drinking celery juice in excess can harm your kidneys. 

3. It can disrupt your immune system

There are claims that readymade celery powder available on the market is not pure and contains preservatives, and chemical impurities, which in turn can harm the body's immune system and cause a host of health problems. So, if you want to drink celery juice, it's best to make it fresh at home. 

4. Celery juice contains sodium

One cup of fresh celery juice contains 215 mg of sodium, and according to various experts, healthy adults should not take more than 2,300 mg of sodium every day. So, if you are advised to limit your salt intake, you should limit or avoid the intake of celery juice. 

Is celery juice good for you?

You can add celery juice as a part of a healthy, balanced diet and enjoy it in moderation. Make sure to drink it without straining to reap all its benefits and get more fiber. 

Although there are many health benefits of celery juice, it's not suited for everyone. 

People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) should avoid celery juice as it contains fermentable sugars that may cause bloating and other digestive issues. 

People with hypertension or those who have restrictions on sodium intake should be careful while consuming celery juice. It contains high amounts of sodium, therefore, it is best not to overindulge in it if you are keeping a tab on your sodium intake. 

People taking blood-thinning medications should not drink celery juice. Or, if you are skeptical about it, you must consult your doctor before drinking celery juice. The reason is that celery juice contains vitamin K which may disrupt the functioning of blood-thinning medications. 

Furthermore, people who are more prone to skin allergies should be cautious before drinking celery juice because it can cause rashes and photosensitivity. 

Healthy alternatives to celery juice

There are many potential benefits of celery juice, but as stated above, some people should avoid taking it to avoid its side effects. But, there are a few healthy alternatives to celery juice that you can try. 

If you are looking for a healthy, hydrating, and nutritious drink, you can try aloe vera juice, lemon water, cucumber juice, and lemon water. You can even try some healthy smoothies including avocado smoothies, spinach smoothies, and kale smoothies. 

Celery juice cleanse: Does it actually work?

Traditional healers have used celery as a part of their routine diet for decades. There are many claims floating around the Internet that celery juice cleanse works and effectively detoxifies the body, but scientific evidence doesn't support the use of juice cleanses. 

Moreover, they can pose a threat if people consume them for health conditions without seeking advice from medical experts. 

There is no denying the fact that celery is healthy and nutritious, but there is no evidence that supports the benefits of a celery juice cleanse. 

Anthony William Coviello, a self-proclaimed health expert who offers health advice made celery juice cleanse famous all over the world. He claims that the juice is a cure-all and effectively heals all health illnesses. However, there's no scientific evidence to back these claims made by him. 

There's another claim that celery juice detoxifies the body, but medical experts claim that our body has its own natural detoxification system and doesn't really need special juices or beverages to eliminate toxins from the body. 

To follow the celery juice cleanse diet, you need to drink 16 ounces of freshly made celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. If you have a health problem, you can increase the quantity to 24 ounces. After drinking a glass of celery juice, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is to be done for seven to days for results. 

While some people may experience benefits when following a cleanse diet, experts believe it is mainly due to lifestyle changes they make during a diet routine. These changes include limiting the intake of processed food, staying away from junk food, eating fruits and veggies, staying hydrated, and exercising. 

Mostly, fad diets and cleanses that become famous overnight on the Internet promote calorie restriction, which can have adverse side effects and lead to weight loss, lightheadedness, and nutrient deficiencies. 

In a nutshell, it can be said that while celery is a healthy food, indulging in juice cleanses may not work for everyone, in fact, it can make things worse if you are already dealing with some health problem.

There are no clinical studies to back up claims that drinking a glass of celery juice every day can help cure health problems. So, you can drink it to reap the benefits of celery juice, but don't expect it to cure all your health problems. Moreover, it's always best to consult a doctor before changing your diet plan. 

How to make celery juice?

How to make celery juice

The celery juice recipe is really easy, all you need is celery stalks, water, a juicer, and a colander. 

Recipe for celery juice:

Take one to two medium-sized bunches of celery stalks and cut their bases and tops. Then, take a colander and wash the stalks properly in it. Put the celery stalks with 1/4 cup of water in a blender, and blend until smooth. Take a muslin cloth and filter the juice, squeeze it properly to drain all the liquid. Serve fresh. 

If you want to make celery juice tasty, then you can add kale, lemon juice, mint, green apple, mint, and ginger along with celery. 

During the summer season, you can keep the juice in the refrigerator and have it to refresh your mind and body. 

Celery recipes that you must try:

There are many ways to add celery to your diet and stay healthy and fit. Below are some celery recipes that are highly appetizing:

There are many benefits of celery juice that may want you to add this beverage to your diet. This healthy beverage is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that keep the body healthy. But, one must make sure not to overindulge in it, and to avoid taking celery juice if they are prone to getting skin allergies or have other health problems like hypertension, IBS, etc. If you experience any side effects after drinking celery juice, seek medical advice.

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How to make celery juice taste better?
You can add mint, lemon, kale, or green apple to celery juice for making it taste better.

What does celery juice do to our bodies?
Celery juice is a healthy beverage that strengthens our immune system, and fights inflammation in the body.

When to drink celery juice?
You can drink celery juice anytime, however, it's best to consume it in the morning.

What is celery juice good for?
It is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, so it is good to drink celery juice to reduce inflammation, keep yourself hydrated, and keep your gut healthy.

Can we consume celery juice for weight loss?
Yes, we can!


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