Better Sleep to Stress Relief: Here are the health benefits of 10 minute Legs Up the Wall asana

Viparita Karani Yoga Pose: Do the Legs Up the Wall asana for around 10 to 20 minutes and soon you will have better sleep, lowered stress and many other health benefits.
Legs Up the Wall asana,viparita karani pose Better Sleep to Stress Relief: Here are the health benefits of 10 minute Legs Up the Wall asana
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Are you too bored to work out or do any yoga poses? Then I have a perfect solution for you. Today I am talking about a yoga pose that requires hardly any movement or strength but has several health benefits including better sleep, lowered stress, anxiety and better digestion among others. The name of the yoga pose is Viparita Karani aka Legs-Up-The-Wall /Inverted Lake pose. For the unversed, the term Viparita means "inverted," and karani means "in action'. The yoga pose is very easy to do, you have to put your legs up the wall and your body should be in L shape, with your back on the floor.

You can use a yoga mat or pillow below your back and hip area. The best part of this exercise is you can do it anywhere. The exercise helps to balance the body and aids in receptivity. This particular yoga pose is of great importance right now as the lockdown has been impacting our mental health and many are facing insomnia. With the help of this yoga pose, you will be able to alleviate insomnia. It calms the nervous system which leads to lowered stress and anxiety.

Before you do this restorative yoga pose, make sure your stomach is empty. So, ideally, you should do this after getting up in the morning. If you don't have time in the morning then you can practice in the evening. However, you should do it after 4-6 hours after having any meal. You have to hold the position for 5 minutes and can extend till 15-20 minutes. You do not need any warm-up exercise for this pose.

For ideal results, try to calm your mind and have regulated breaths. Make sure to inhale and exhale deeply. Deep and better exhalations slowers our heart rate and calms our brain. When we do this yoga pose the same relieves the spine, feet, legs, and the nervous system and our body goes in complete relaxation mode and it also makes you self-aware.

Health benefits:
Helps to resolve insomnia and sleep problems
Better blood circulation
Alleviates headaches and backaches
Aids to boost energy
Helps to relieve stress and anxiety
Good for people with arthritis
May help to resolve digestion issues
Soothes and calms your mind
Helps to tackle mild depression
It will help to relax the tired and cramped feet and legs.
Relaxes our hamstrings and lower back
Relieves swollen feet and ankles

Who should not do the yoga pose?
If you are suffering glaucoma, hypertension, serious back and neck problems and hernia then try and avoid doing the asana.

How to do the yoga pose:
Follow the videos for step by step guide: