Breakfast Myths Busted: Skipping the first meal DOES NOT affect our health

Updated on Apr 22, 2020 12:26 PM IST  |  2.6M
Breakfast Myths Busted: Skipping the first meal DOES NOT affect our health
Breakfast Myths Busted: Skipping the first meal DOES NOT affect our health

You must have heard that skipping your breakfast is not good for your health. As your stomach is empty for a long time before breakfast, so the first meal of the day should be the heaviest. At that moment, the sugar level in your body is also extremely low for being in the fasted state. So, breakfast should always be heaviest of all the three prime meals of a day. Researches also say that having a proper breakfast helps you to lose your weight. It provides you with all the important nutrients which are lacking due to the fasting period.

On the other hand, it is said that skipping breakfast is highly unhealthy because we are keeping our stomach empty for a longer period. And this also makes us eat more during lunch which directly contributes in weight gain. But are they really genuine? Is it really too bad to skip breakfast? Well, some advanced studies have started to question about this pattern. And they have also researched about breakfast and the effects of skipping it. Let’s find out.

Effects of Skipping Breakfast: Is it bad for our health?

Breakfast eaters are healthier

It is often said that people who eat timely breakfast are healthier than others. But a recent study said that it is an observational study as it has been observed some people who eat breakfast regularly on a particular time. But it’s not rational to say that it's because of the breakfast. They must be living a healthy lifestyle. For example, they tend to workout regularly, don’t smoke or drink that much and eat healthy, etc. And one should also add nutritious and fibre rich foods in the breakfast for staying healthy. These all together contribute in a person’s health, not the breakfast alone. So, the bottom line is you need to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t have anything to do with only the breakfast.

Does breakfast improve metabolism?

People believe that having healthy breakfast can boost their metabolism, which is a myth. There is no connection between breakfast and metabolism as metabolism depends a lot on the total amount of food that we consume throughout the day. Studies have shown that people who eat and skip breakfast burn the equal amount of calories.

Does skipping breakfast cause weight gain?

There is no evidence of it. It’s natural to eat more during lunch if you have skipped your breakfast as it makes you more hungry and so you try to adjust it in your lunch. But the study shows, eating more at lunch cannot compensate for your breakfast. On the other hand, skipping breakfast can actually reduce your calorie intake on a day as you are removing an entire meal from your diet plan every day.

This has been experimented on overweight and obese people. Some of them have taken breakfast and some skipped it. There was no difference in their weight after the study was over. So, we really cannot rely on this point that having breakfast aids in weight loss.

Does skipping breakfast have any health benefits?

We are not allowed to eat breakfast in many intermittent fasting diet methods. This type of diet has shown to be effectively reducing calorie intake, aiding in weight loss and increasing body metabolism. But this fasting diet doesn’t suit everyone. Some people get benefited with it, while others may experience headache, sugar fall, etc. So, talk to your dietician before starting the intermittent diet.

Breakfast can be optional

There are lot of myths associated with breakfast. But skipping it cannot make you gain weight overnight. And it is also not connected to increased metabolism rate. Breakfast is optional. But if you feel hungry in the morning and like to have something, then you can definitely eat some protein-rich foods like boiled eggs. The only thing is staying on an empty stomach for a long time may form gas which can cause acid. So, be careful about that.


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