Breast Milk Vs. Cow Milk Vs. Baby Formula: Find out which one is better for your baby

Breast milk is considered to be highly potential and effective to fight against pathogens and increase the baby’s immune system. Read on to know why it can't be replaced by cow milk or baby formula.
Cow Milk,Breast Milk,Baby Formula Breast Milk Vs. Cow Milk Vs. Baby Formula: Find out which one is better for your baby
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We know that doctors always recommend breast milk for infants over cow milk or any baby formula. Breast milk contains antibodies which improve the baby’s immune system to fight against any bacteria and virus. Hence, it is necessary for mothers to feed their baby only breast milk in the initial few months.

Why breast milk is better than cow milk?

Experts say that breast milk has a small molecule called glycerol monolaurate (GML) and that makes the milk rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. They say the molecule in the breast milk is present in larger amount compared to bovine milk. Bovine milk is a bovine growth hormone which is given to cows to make them mature faster and produce more milk.

Glycerol Monolaurate

Doctors say that Glycerol Monolaurate contributes to the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity of the breast milk. The concentration of GML in breast milk is 3000 micrograms per millilitre, whereas cow milk has 150 micrograms of GML.

The action of GML has also been tested against bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli, etc. It has been observed that human breast milk is highly efficient to fight against these bacteria to protect the baby. The milk has also been tested after removing the GML from it which showed that without GML breast milk loses its antibacterial activity to contain the pathogens. The GML molecule has also been seen to be effective against pro-inflammatory processes.

Baby Formula for Infants

Baby formulas for infants do not contain any GML. And according to doctors, babies who are fed milk formulas have higher levels of arsenic in the body which can cause numerous diseases; though the arsenic may come from the water as well. But it has been seen that breast milk can decrease the levels of arsenic in the body protecting the babies from chronic diseases.

Final Report

Finally, the doctors said that human breast milk is both effective to fight against all kinds of pathogens and anti-inflammatory activity. On the other hand, cow milk or bovine milk and baby formula have shown no GML concentrations and also lacked anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. So, breast milk is the best for infants rather than cow milk or baby formula.

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